Understated Elegance Redefined: Kiara Advani's Reception Look

The internet can't stop swooning over Kiara Advani's reception look.

Published On Mar 14, 2023 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


Kiara Advani has been making waves in the Bollywood industry for her stunning performances in films like Kabir Singh and Lust Stories. However, the actress also has a knack for turning heads on the red carpet with her impeccable fashion sense. At her reception ceremony, she contested the typical wedding reception wear with her spirited pick. Kiara Advani channelled old Hollywood glamour with her makeup and outfit choice, creating a show-stopping look that left everyone in awe.

The actress chose to keep her makeup simple yet elegant, with kohl-rimmed eyes and a bold red lip. Her hair was styled in a classic chignon bun, which complemented the vintage Hollywood vibe of her overall look. Kiara's reception look was reminiscent of the golden era of Hollywood, and she effortlessly exuded the glamour and sophistication of the time. Let's delve deeper into the details of Kiara's reception look and explore how she managed to channel old Hollywood glamour with such ease.

The old Hollywood makeup look is all about creating a timeless and classic look that oozes glamour and sophistication. Kiara Advani's makeup artist, Lekha Gupta, managed to capture this look perfectly by focusing on accentuating her natural features. The key to this look is to keep the makeup simple and elegant while also making a statement with the dewy finish and sublime vibe.

For Kiara's reception look, Gupta kept her eye makeup simple by rimming her eyes with kohl and creating a subtle winged eyeliner. The focus was on capturing her raw and real beauty without going over the top with any aspect to complete the vintage Hollywood look.

The classic chignon is an iconic hairstyle that has been a favourite of Hollywood actresses for decades. It is a simple yet elegant hairstyle that is perfect for any formal occasion. Kiara Advani's hairstylist, Amit Thakur, managed to capture the essence of this hairstyle by creating a sleek and sophisticated chignon bun.
Thakur opted for a low chignon bun, which was positioned at the nape of Kiara's neck. He also added some volume to the crown of her head, which helped create a more dramatic look. The bun was secured with bobby pins and hairspray to ensure that it stayed in place throughout the evening.

Brides in India are decked up with larger-than-life jewels, the only tradition Kiara Advani stuck to for her reception look. The hard-to-miss 5-layered necklace has its army of diamonds and emeralds, leaving no room for earrings. Never imagine a bride with bare ears, but we love how Kiara has carved her own bridal dressing rules.

Kiara Advani's reception look was a perfect amalgamation of old Hollywood glamour and modern elegance. The actress looked stunning in her chic and sleek monochrome gown, which featured a thigh-high slit and a plunging neckline; designed by Manish Malhotra, known for his exquisite designs and is a long-time favourite designer of the bride.

Kiara's makeup and hair perfectly complemented her outfit, and the overall look was nothing short of breathtaking. The actress looked like a vision in monochrome, and her confidence and poise only added to the charm of the look.

Kiara Advani's reception look was a perfect example of how old Hollywood glamour can be incorporated into modern fashion even for the bride. The actress managed to channel the vintage Hollywood vibe with her makeup and hair, while also keeping the overall look fresh and modern. The well-tailored gown, the classic chignon bun, and the nude lip all came together to create a look that was both elegant and sophisticated. It is no wonder that Kiara Advani is considered one of the most stylish actresses in Bollywood, and her reception looks only reinforce this fact.

What we love most is that she stuck to being her truest self with the make-up choice she is celebrated for but didn't forget to have fun with her outfit and jewellery combination. Kudos Kiara, you have given brides a look to remember for years to come.

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Photo: Instagram/Manish Malhotra