Try These Office Hairstyles That Say You're Ready To Win The Day

Elevate your 9-to-5 glam game with these office hairstyles– because your hair deserves a corner office too!

Published On Dec 22, 2023 | Updated On Feb 27, 2024


Workday mornings can be stressful. Between hitting snooze on repeat and cramming in a pre-work workout (or scrolling Instagram, let's be honest), our poor hair often gets the cold shoulder. Rocking awesome office hairstyles doesn't require magic or a personal stylist – just a few trusty tricks and a sprinkle of creativity. So, toss that sad ponytail routine out the window! Let's unleash some mane magic that's ready to conquer the corporate jungle:

Unleash your inner hairstylist with a bun that screams ‘polished poise’. Gather your hair into a low ponytail, smooth it like melted butter with a brush, then twist it tight (think pretzel, not floppy noodle) until it forms a sleek bun. Secure it with bobby pin ninjas – two or more for maximum bun-holding prowess. Finish with a touch of hairspray, smoothing any flyaways like you're taming wild kittens. This office hairstyle says, ‘I mean business in the boardroom, but I'll still steal the show at cocktails after work’.


Ditch the boring elastic and give your ponytail a modern makeover! For this office hairstyle, secure your tail with a chic barrette that glitters like a disco ball or a playful scrunchie that adds a pop of personality. Experiment with sleek and straight for a cool corporate vibe, or add some bouncy waves for a touch of ‘I just rolled out of bed, looking fabulous’. Remember, office hairstyles can be your playground!


Can't decide between up or down? Don't choose! Rock the side-swept half-up office hairstyle for the best of both worlds. Grab a section of hair from one side, twist it loosely like a casual braid you braided while watching Netflix, and clip it back towards your neck. Add a delicate braid for a touch of elegance, or leave it simple and let your gorgeous earrings steal the show.


Channel your inner ‘woke up like this (but actually spent 10 minutes on it)’ mindset with a bun that's messy in the best way possible. Gather your hair loosely at the crown, twist and pin it with a laissez-faire attitude, and let a few strands playfully frame your face. This is perfect for second (or third!) day office hairstyle and says, ‘I'm cool, calm, and collected (even though my coffee hasn't kicked in yet)’.


Impress your colleagues with a braided hairstyle. It's easier than it looks! Start with a regular braid, then separate each section into two and weave them over and under each other like a little fishy dance. This adds an instant wow factor to any office hairstyle and keeps the hair out of your face so that you can focus on what matters.


Own your confidence with a middle part sleek offfice hairstyle. Smooth down your hair with a straightener (or embrace your natural waves!), add a center part, and finish with a touch of shine spray. This timeless and sophisticated look will put the pep in your step and the dazzle in your confidence.  

Remember, office hairstyles are more than just practical – they're a chance to express yourself and feel confident all day long. So experiment, mix and match, and find what makes you feel like the desk-bound diva you are! Share your best tips and tricks in the comments – let's build a community of bad hair day-slaying warriors!

Bonus tip: Keep a mini straightener, dry shampoo, and a bobby pin arsenal in your desk drawer. They'll be your hair lifesavers when disaster strikes. Now go forth and conquer your mane (and that to-do tasklist)!

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