Tress Talk: How Hair Trends Look In 2023 And Beyond

A new wave of hair products and treatments is in line for 2023.

Published On Jan 20, 2023 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


If you feel like you went through a lot in 2022, there is a good possibility that your hair did as well. And no, we do not mean it through just hair dyes and mere hairstyles. The sheer range of haircare options that are now available have undoubtedly been tweaked to address modern problems, giving rise to a new group of trends and products.

When it comes to the trends and trajectories in the hair sphere, what consumers demand from their haircare products will continue to evolve in 2023. Data gathered by market intelligence company, Mordor Intelligence suggests that demand for constant innovation and natural and organic hair care products will play a key role. Furthermore, the global hair care market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.6 per cent during the next five years, with the Asia-Pacific region being the fastest-growing one in the market.

This year, according to experts, hair care trends involving repair, protection, and growth will dominate the market.


As of 2023,  we can expect to see many treatment-based products that will focus on repair. And the agenda is simple: the scalp should be healthy, and the roots clean. Scalp exfoliation is picking up pace and chemical exfoliators - yes, like peels, but for your scalp - are becoming more and more popular, says Manish Chowdhary, co-founder of WOW Skin Science.

“The market is ready to be filled with scalp peels, scrubs and serums for scalp exfoliation. These specially developed AHA-based peels and exfoliating serums for the scalp will help in improving cellular turnover and remove build-up, thus letting the hair roots breathe,” tells  Chowdhary.

Since taking care of your skin isn't limited to your face anymore and of course, the scalp is a major part of your skin, in 2022 the ingredients that made your skin glow - from hyaluronic acid for hydration to ceramides for moisturisation were finding its way to haircare products in order to bring life to your locks. A new beauty trend emerged as a result of hair brands opting for these active ingredients: the skinification of haircare.

Dr Neha Dubey, dermatologist and medical director at Meraki Skin Clinic, Gurugram brings to notice that skinification of hair care is going to be big in 2023 too, “which means that just like we are used to a step-wise skincare routine, a step-wise hair care routine is going to be the trend. This includes scalp care actives for deep cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising, nourishing, and protecting the scalp and hair.”

We are well-versed that healthy haircare extends beyond using just shampoo and conditioner. “A lot of facial care tools will move to the head literally! Gua sha and derma rollers are expected to become part of the scalp care ritual. This year, we will see more emphasis on scalp care, since this will ensure healthier, stronger strands,” adds Chowdhary. 

The haircare trend that healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp will only gain traction in 2023.


Yes, more consumers are looking on to not have their choice of damage-repair products only, but treatments too. Dermatologist Dr Jushya Sarin tells that hair treatments focussing on hair growth are in vogue.

“Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is here to stay and is expected to increase. This therapy involves the processing of one’s own blood to extract the growth factors that help in the proliferation of hair follicles and also the blood supply in the scalp.” Even LED therapy won’t be limited to skincare, “data supports the usage of red light therapy for hair growth, where the light energy is converted to cellular energy that reflects as increased gait growth,” shares Dr Sarin. Hence, more brands and clinics are adding bond-building treatments and damage-repair products to their collections, which further helps in hair growth.

Deep-conditioning treatments like hair botox are also in to hit the mainstream. One quick search reveals that the hashtag #hairbotox currently yields 3M views on Instagram alone. “ The reason why hair botox is gaining traction is that it doesn’t involve injectables. The treatment focuses on the tanino protein present in the hair shaft which helps to eliminate dryness and frizziness. Apart from that, the anti-fading properties of hair botox are tremendously beneficial for colour-treated hair,”  tells Dr Sravya C Tipirneni, consultant dermatologist at Manipal Hospitals, Bengaluru. All of these make the treatment a growing trend, after all, a more manageable mane is all we desire.

Dr Tipirneni also explains that unique treatment formulas like the K18 treatment to reverse and repair hair damage and Hydrafacial/Keravive - a first-of-its-kind 3- step therapy for hydration and nourishment to the scalp and hair follicles are on the rise.

The truth is consumers now stay ahead of the curve being informative about their skin and haircare routine and looking for elements that suit their concerns specifically. Experts agree that there are certain ingredients that help with specific hair concerns but that may look different for everyone and there’s no one-size-fits-all cure.


“In the last few years, there has been a gradual demand for ingredient-specific products. There are a lot of conversations happening around parabens, sulfates and synthetic colours to avoid and look for more natural ingredients like ginger, tea tree, and banana which are some of the bestsellers in the hair care segment. Thus, ingredient-specific hair care will continue to boom in 2023,” shares Plabita Sharma, general manager – Retail Operations of the beauty brand, The Body Shop India which had earlier rolled out hair products with moringa, grapeseed and more. Another beauty brand, Crazy Owl has a date seed hair oil that is said to be India’s first.

For instance, there are even pre-hair wash sprays like the one of The Earth Collective that is formulated to protect your hair from water damage and maintain the hair’s natural pH to promote frizz-free and nourished locks.


Just like your skin, exfoliating scalp treatments with specific elements can be just as beneficial for the scalp as “one has to start from the root and that’s your scalp. More focus is going to be on scalp clarifying and anti-dandruff shampoos containing salicylic acid to soothe inflammation and reduce flakes. Products that can maintain a balanced scalp microbiome are going to be in trend,” notes Dr Dubey.

These methods of scalp care are definitely on the rise and are not just limited to salicylic acid. “When you add glycolic acid to your scalp, it helps the breakdown of dead skin cells clustered on your scalp. In addition to that, it lifts away the excess sebum and product buildup, thus leading to a cleansed and fresh scalp,” shares Dr Tipirneni.

Hair loss and thinning are also two of the major concerns. “Given the current lifestyle - eating habits and stress levels, serums that help in hair growth whether medicated or not, are going to be more popular among consumers,” Dr Ankur Sarin, a Delhi-based dermatologist brings to notice.


The truth is “when it comes to haircare, deep conditioning products continue to reign supreme. With heightened use of hair cosmetics, heating devices and pollution, hair frizz is a common concern, with regular conditioners being insufficient,” shares Dr Jushya. “Come in hair masks with Argan oil or jojoba oil, leave-in conditioners enriched with emollients that retain moisture and shine of the hair are still going to be popular.”  It’s not surprising that brands are adding more damage-repair and moisturising products to their collection.

The boom of these haircare methods and products assure that healthy trends can never go out of style. In the days ahead, expect more line-ups to keep your hair looking vibrant or to boost your hair growth.

Photo: Shutterstock; Featured brands