Top 5 Tips To Style Your Office Formal Trousers

If you're bored of the regular blues and blacks, here are some tips to style your formal trousers better and immediately elevate the look.

Published On Feb 28, 2024 | Updated On Mar 24, 2024


Formal clothes have long been considered boring and plain jane. Whether it is because of the rigid styling, or a limited choice of colours, formal clothes are often drab and eventually make the wearer look unprofessional. With dressier options being gradually available, tops and shirts have gotten better but formal trouser style remains old fashioned. If you are also a professional who wonders how to style trouser often, then this guide is for you.

Here are 5 ways to style formal trousers for women

When choosing formal trousers for women, it is imperative to go for comfortable options. An uncomfortable formal pant style is not only tough to wear but also looks unkempt. Keeping this in mind, opt for materials that are breathable, not too rigid, and good quality to be able to style formal pants better.

When you think of how to style trouser, do you also only imagine a drab looking polyester pair of trousers? If the answer is yes, the biggest tip for how to style trouser is to find a comfortable fabric in a silhouette that flatters you. A wide-legged pair of cotton pants is not only comfortable but also looks super chic.

Once you have found your ideal cut, you can move on to experimenting with more colours. If you are wondering how to style trouser with more colours, or don’t nat to go for bright ones right away, we suggest working with other neutrals apart from blue or black. Go for a formal pant style in either beige or white, and pair it with navy blue to create a gorgeous look that also looks formal enough.

If mixing and matching a formal style pant is where you get stuck, may we suggest experimenting with smart pantsuits that not only immediately elevate your look but also eliminate the issue of wondering how to style trouser for a classy look. You can go as subtle or as bright with these pantsuits as you’d like. Opt for a darker colour for a more muted look, and a bright yellow like this one to make a point.

If you are also often wondering how to style black trousers, this tip is for you. Instead of the regular pairings with contrasting colours, try opting for a monochromatic look, and break it up stylishly with another neutral colour for a professional and beautiful take on how to style black trousers. 

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