Wear Blazers Beyond Formal Settings With These Options

Blazers don’t have to be limited to a formal outfit. Here are some other blazer options that you can incorporate in your wardrobe.

Published On Feb 28, 2024 | Updated On Mar 16, 2024


One of the most stylish clothing items there are, blazers are incredibly fun to wear. Whether it is a fun colourful blazer for casual wear or a sharp fitted piece for formal occasions, knowing how to wear a blazer can be a game changer for your look. Choosing for different kinds of blazer, understanding how to style blazer, what combinations to go for, and what kind of blazer looks great on who can be daunting questions but fret not. We curated some easy to style blazer options that you can wear effortlessly, and fetch compliments all day long for your blazer dressing style.

Here are some blazer options for you to explore

One of the easiest ways to style blazer for casual wear is to get one in a bright colour. The blazer style can depend on your body shape, and what you are pairing it with. For example, a shorter blazer will look great with midi or maxi dresses, but if you’re going for a pair of pants or a short hemline, opt for loose-fitted style blazer to balance the look effortlessly.

The blazer styling guide doesn’t have to be boring and formal, and this outfit is a great example. A mix of a dress and a blazer, this outfit is perfect for the days when you want a blazer for casual wear without having to go through the extra effort of mixing and matching to make the perfect outfit.

If you believe that a fun easy blazer for causal wear is limited to women’s wardrobes only, think again. Apart from the formal blazers that are often featured in a regular blazer styling guide, men can also opt for smart blazers in a variety of style that can be paired as easily with chinos as they can be with denims. If you are looking for a blazer to wear with jeans and haven’t experimented before, we suggest going with colours like olive, navy, or brown so that it is easier. Once you have gotten comfortable with wearing blazer for casual wear, you can always incorporate more colour.

Whether it is for a casual day at your workplace, or a dinner date, it not hard to find a blazer to wear with jeans. You can style blazer according to your comfort level, and whether you go for a safer colour, or all out, it is a look that will immediately make you stand out. 
If you are unsure of how to wear a blazer with jeans, start with finding one in neutral colours like grey, and if you’re more open to colours when it comes to finding a blazer to wear with jeans, go for brighter colours like red or green. You can also experiment with different patterns.

Apart from different patterns, you can also experiment with different textures and fabrics. A blazer for casual wear needs to be comfortable, and what better than a breezy linen fabric for days that you want to look smart but at the same time, the regular blazers can be stuffy and eventually ruin your look. You can style blazer in linen with accessories in similar fabrics, or you can also pair it with a matching pair of linen trousers for a chic look like no other.

If you are bored of the regular style blazer is worn in, may we suggest giving the crop blazer style a shot? These blazers are perfect as a blazer for casual wear, and whether you pair them with flared trousers or skirts with short hemlines, these blazers are easy to style, and a great addition to your wardrobe.

Enough about finding blazer for casual wear, here is an option you can wear to a formal event as easily as you can wear it to a night out. Dressy, luxurious, and stunning, this velvet blazer is what fashionista dreams are made of. For a formal evening, style it with a pair of matching pants, and for a night out, pair this velvet blazer with an LBD for a chic look. Men can also incorporate a velvet blazer into their wardrobe. Pair it with a sharp tailored pair of pants for an unmatched look. 

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