The Best Mascaras To Get Your Lashes Looking Long & Luscious

Spark your gaze with this long list of lash-boosting wonders.

Published On Jan 12, 2024 | Updated On Jul 10, 2024


Calling all makeup mavericks and anyone who dreams of eyes that steal the show! Aren’t you tired of the same old mascara routine? Do you crave eyes that smoulder like a sultry summer night, flutter like a butterfly catching the breeze, and pack a punch that could turn heads on any red carpet? Well, hold onto your hats brushes, máscara maestros, because unlocking the secrets to fabulous lashes is closer than you think!

We're talking about eyes that command attention. Think the smoky drama of a classic it-girl icon, the playful flirtation of a heroine, or the fierce confidence of a runway model. No matter your lash goal, there's a mascara out there just waiting to be your magic wand. Ditch the clumpy, spidery disasters of the past and embrace a world of fluttery, fabulous lashes that'll have everyone losing their hearts to you.

Before we get lost in a mascara maze worthy of a Bhansali film set, let's grab some insider intel from the glam gurus themselves – the beauty experts who know a killer lash when they see one. According to our research on customer feedback and scouring expert reviews to bring you the lowdown on mascaras, here are some of the best mascaras in India to get your fleek on:

This hourglass-shaped brush ain't just a pretty face, it's a lash-lifting, clump-defying goddess of volume. Experts rave about its ability to build drama without weighing down your lashes, making them look like they've been on a serious lash extension bender.

Image: Too Faced

This eyelash darling is a classic for a reason. Its curved brush and lightweight formula work wonders on lifting and curling even the straightest of lashes, giving you doe-eyed flutter that'll have everyone asking if you've been channelling Bambi vibes (with a touch of Miss World confidence).

Image: Maybelline

This mascara gets its name for a reason! The long, flexible wand coats each lash from root to tip, adding serious length and definition without any dreaded spider-leg syndrome. Bonus points for the rich, black pigment that makes your eyes pop like fireworks on a Diwali night.

Image: L'OREAL

This is for those who want their lashes to reach for the stars (or at least the next floor!). The fibre-infused formula adds incredible length and separation, while the intensely black colour makes your eyes look like pools of midnight mystery, perfect for channelling your inner Kareena at a sangeet party.

Image: M.A.C Cosmetics

This budget-friendly beauty is a hidden gem for sensitive eyes. The hypoallergenic formula is gentle but effective, giving your lashes a fluttery lift and natural volume without any irritation, making it the perfect everyday essential for the girl on the go.

Image: Lakme India

This homemade brand's mascara features a unique, phased brush that reaches even the slightest corner lashes, adding inconceivable length and separation for eyes that rival Deepika Padukone’s in her debut film.

Image: Swiss Beauty

This luxurious eyelash formula from a cherished Indian brand is gentle yet effective, giving your lashes a fluttery lift and natural volume without irritation, making it perfect for everyday wear and tear.

Image: Sugar Cosmetics

This 99% natural, vegan-friendly mascara is perfect for those with sensitive eyes or contact lens wear and tear. It's packed with nutritional constituents like witch hazel and lavender oil, but do not be fooled by the mellow vibes – this product still delivers on volume and definition, proving that natural beauty can also pack quite a punch.

Image: Lotus Herbals

Remember, my divas, these are just a few of the many amazing options out there. The best mascara for you will depend on your own unique lashes and lash goals. But with these expert-approved picks as your starting point, you're well on your way to achieving fluttery, fabulous lashes that'll have everyone looking at you like the dream you are.

Photo: Shutterstock