Want To Know The Secret Behind Mira Kapoor’s Gorgeous Hair?

Mira’s haircare routine is not complicated but her advice is to trust the experts when it comes to choosing the right product.

Published On Dec 16, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


ICYMI, Bollywood celebrity and entrepreneur Mira Kapoor is not just the star wife of Shahid Kapoor, but is a huge social media star who manages to keep us hooked with her engaging beauty videos. The Delhi girl, who stepped into the limelight after she tied the knot with Kabir Singh-actor Shahid Kapoor in 2015, has been a popular name for many reasons – red carpet appearances, brand associations and embracing motherhood at a young age. Amid the pandemic, she also emerged as a champion of conscious and healthy living. Her message has been clear since then: eat fresh and nutritious food and have faith in the ancient science of Ayurveda, think about your social and ecological footprint, and stay active – mentally as well as physically. When not spending quality time with her husband Shahid Kapoor and their two kids, or travelling to exotic locales, she’s spreading her clean living and Ayurveda-backed beauty advice for those who like keeping their routine organic and clean through her Instagram profile.  

Mira’s taken her life mantra to the next level by investing in brands such as yoga startup Sarva by fitness expert and entrepreneur Sarvesh Shashi, and healthy grocery start-up Zama Organics founded by Shriya Naheta Wadhwa. And somehow between all this – she also finds time to secure endorsements and collaborate with brands across categories to promote topics she believes in. This includes her latest association with Schwarzkopf Professional, a German hair cosmetic brand, who appointed Mira as their first hair muse in India. 

“Recognising, respecting, and celebrating all types of hair, authenticity and diversity is at the heart of Schwarzkopf Professional. The brand ethos really convinced me to associate with the brand, as well as the products that deliver results at every step of my haircare routine,” Mira told Zee Zest during an interview. She also lets us in on her haircare secrets, essentials, and pieces of advice she’s received from her mother, which she was to pass on to her daughter Misha.  

Edited excerpts: 

I have applied mashed bananas and onion juice! The only thing that came out of it was pieces of banana stuck in my hair and a smelly scalp for days. From that day on, I decided to consult hair experts for matters concerning my hair.  

My haircare essentials include BC Bonacure Moisture Kick shampoo, conditioner and treatment from Schwarzkopf Professional. I can always trust them to leave me with soft, healthy, and hydrated hair even without a blow dry. 

We all enjoy hot water showers during winter, but I always lower the temperature as excess heat can dry my hair and skin. I do not skip my deep conditioning even during winter. I make sure I use heat protection while drying my hair and finishing oil to keep frizz at bay. I avoid heat styling too much since winter brings in dryness in the air as well, and instead I air dry in the warm winter sun.

  1. I feel that brushing your hair regularly is important for blood circulation on the scalp. 
  2. Take a good hair supplement to nourish your hair from within.  
  3. Oiling your hair is important. I usually just use the right amount of Schwarzkopf Professional’s Oil Ultime Rose Finishing Oil which beautifully disciplines my tresses and smells heavenly.
  4. Avoid tying your hair too tight with thin rubber bands, that might lead to breakage. 
  5. Trust experts to choose the right products based on your hair type. 

Oiling hair is something that I have been following since my childhood. My mother used to sit me down and oil my hair even though I hated it then. And I am pretty much the same with my kids. Today, there are oils and oil-infused products which offer you the nourishment of oil without the stickiness and heaviness of traditional oils.   

Photo: Schwarzkopf Professional and Instagram/Mira Kapoor