Long-Lasting Male Perfumes To Be The Best Version Of You When You Step Out

Perfumes are the best when it comes to adding a touch of elegance and confidence to a person’s look in an instant. With such a wide selection to choose from, every guy has their own best long-lasting male perfumes. From woody, musky scents to clean, citrusy scents, and everything in between, we bring you some famous names to add to your best long-lasting male perfumes.

Published On Apr 14, 2024 | Updated On Apr 14, 2024


A perfume is something that is an essential part of getting ready. Whether it be work, a casual gathering with friends, a date night or a formal event, perfume is that perfect ending note that ties the whole look together. Every guy has a range of perfumes, one for every occasion. You might have a different scent for work, hanging out with friends, etc., or you might even differentiate between your perfumes based on day and evening. One thing that needs to be a constant, though, is that every perfume needs to be long-lasting. While out, all a guy wants is for his choice of perfume to stay without needing a spritz time and again. A long-lasting, pleasant-smelling perfume is one of the best ways to leave a good impression on your company and most long-lasting perfumes popular among guys are excellent at that. Most long-lasting perfumes for guys fall under the ‘Eau de Parfum’ category, which carries a more intense formulation that helps the perfume to stay longer. Read on to learn more about which perfumes are the best long-lasting male perfumes to choose from.

Here are some best long-lasting male perfumes for you to try

Starting with the uber-luxury choice, this is one of the best long-lasting perfumes for men. Creed is one of the top names in the world of men’s perfumes and is the definition of elegance coupled with longevity. The top notes carry a fruity fragrance of pineapple, apple and cassis. The middle notes are a mix of patchouli, rose, birch and jasmine, and the base notes of vanilla oak moss and ambergris. These sublime scents make this perfume the best-smelling long-lasting perfume for many men.

This brand is known for its divine perfumes, which are not just another addition to a perfume collection but become the best men’s long-lasting perfume for everyone who starts using it. This perfume, in particular, will take you to a sunny beach right from the first whiff, justifying its stand as the best smelling long-lasting perfume you could get if you like more natural scents, thanks to its ingredients such as white musk, neroli and jasmine, etc.

One of the classics, Bleu De Chanel, is hands down one of the top ten long-lasting perfumes for men with a preference for classic perfumes. It is perfect for everything from going to work to a meet-up with friends or even a date. Its top notes include grapefruit, complemented by sandalwood and dry cedar. A favourite among men, particularly during the winter months, this is one best long-lasting perfumes you must add to your collection.

Another perfume that easily belongs to the top ten long-lasting perfumes in the world, this perfume is a bold, opulent and decadent symphony Tom Ford describes as the personification of his American Western connection. This version of the iconic original, with its woody notes and a concentration of leather combined with the floral notes of jasmine, hits just the bulls-eye, making it the best men’s long-lasting perfume of choice for men who love a rich scent.  

Speaking of classics, this perfume from Dior has remained a top choice among perfume lovers ever since its launch. Coming in different options, each with its distinct scent, the original version, and the accompanying range has become one of Dior’s best long-lasting perfumes for men. The brand has always revolutionised the industry with every launch, and this perfume is no different. A strong yet pleasant fragrance, this perfume will become your go-to.


This famous perfume is iconic, minimalistic and budget-friendly, making it highly preferred among men. The brand is well-known for its clean, subtle and refreshing notes while still managing to be captivating. Papaya and cardamom make up the top notes of this perfume, with floral middle notes and sandalwood, green accord, green tea, accord and cedar rounding up the base notes. Go for this perfume if you like a scent that keeps up with your day without being overbearing.

This perfume will instantly give you that added touch of charm. The best perfume to go for if you like spicier, more intense scents, this one is a cult favourite. Its top notes consist of rum, caramel, nutmeg and tobacco. The middle notes include iris, labdanum and tuberose, and the base notes consist of benzoin, tonka bean and guaiac wood. Its woodsy, musky scent makes it the best long-lasting perfume, especially for winter months.

Named after the God of Love, this might be the most sensual perfume on this list. But guys still swear by the universality of this perfume, perfectly fitting with a work day and a date night equally. A perfume that symbolises an intense ardour, it is one of the best perfumes to add to your collection. The top notes of mint leaves, Italian lemon zest and green apple, middle notes of amber, geranium tonka beans and woody base notes give this perfume its musky, woodsy and long-lasting scent.

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