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India Couture Week 2021 Brings Regal Grandeur In The Limelight On Day 4

From antique brocade sarees to silk kurtas in kaleidoscopic prints, here's what ruled the ramp on the fourth day of the event.

Tanvi Jain

Day 4 of India Couture Week 2021 witnessed designers Ashima-Leena, Amit GT, and Shantanu & Nikhil bring their magic to the ramp. Here's what they presented at the virtual fashion week.

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The day started with designer Leena Singh's Nazm-e-Mahal, a story of a maharani, a day in her life in the palace, and how she values old-world charm. Royalty with simplicity is what the AL couture 2021 collection depicted in the showcase.

The collection triumphed the classic silhouettes worn by the queens and the princesses in the Mughal era. Sarees, lehengas and kurtas featured intricate and delicate hand embroidery, woven textiles, and a mix of warp and weft weaves put together to create ornate patterns. Shades of pink, beige, pomegranate red, aqua, ivory, magenta and more, ruled the colour palette of Ashima-Leena couture 2021 collection.

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The antique brocade sarees, sourced from the original wardrobes of the maharanis from the palaces of Rajasthan, and restored by the weavers in Banaras, were the highlight of the collection. The weaves were infused with silver and gold strains, and colours of purple, pink turquoise and peach. The jewelled tassels on them were the icing on the cake. Apart from this, circular lehengas, classic blouses, and brocade woven odhnis in antique gold fabrics were some of the picks from the collection that caught the eye on Day 4 of ICW 2021.  

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Following Ashima-Leena was designer Amit GT's Scintilla collection depicting the very first spark of light in the morning, or the shine of a star in a dark sky. The designer used linear hand embroidery, and brush strokes to present nature in its myriad forms such as constellations, blooms, birds, and dew drops. His signature dramatic and voluminous trains and bustles were also at display.

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"Brushstroke linear embroideries are now part of the DNA of the brand. Ruffles, scrunched textures, feathers and ingenious saree drapes, trains and bustles have always been part of our DNA. In fact, a decade, and a half back I was far ahead of time in showing dramatic ball gowns with long trains and bustles and saree gowns which are now de rigueur in every Indian wedding. Duchesse satin gowns with detachable trains with large bows, organza textured ball gowns, saree drape gowns had been a constant feature of my collection over the years," Amit GT said.

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Ending the day were designers, Shantanu & Nikhil with Oasis, part of Shantanu & Nikhil Ceremonial Couture, 2021. The design signatures for men were the draped kurtas made of the finest silks, with kaleidoscopic prints on them paired with and cowl trousers. Men's ensembles also saw black military-inspired short bandhgalas and armour-like bundis. Complimenting the overall look were regalia-inspired accessories, jewelled brooches, and a new line of couture stoles and safas.

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Shantanu & Nikhil's women collection on the other hand comprised voluminous drapes, constructed bodice, all decked with hand embroidery, and shimmery crystals. Not to mention the leather applique. While their signature crimson lehengas were the main highlight of the collection, other shades of gold, black, navy, and red, with multi-coloured couture prints, formed the rest of the colour palette. The show was set up in Suryagarh, Jaisalmer.

Photo: FDCI
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