Floral For Men: It’s Possible And Totally On Trend

A styling guide for men to embrace floral prints in their wardrobe

Published On Oct 19, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Did someone say flower power for men? In 2022, floral prints are as relevant for men as they are for women, and it’s time that gents embraced it guilt-free. Menswear has been synonymous with masculine colours that have reigned wardrobes for decades. But over the past few years, as millennials take over the fashion game and closely follow changing trends, floral prints for men are slowly making their way as statement wear. If you enjoy wearing vibrant colours and floral prints, don’t limit yourself to the aloha shirts.

A bouquet of different styles is now available in floral for men. Today, you can throw on splashy flower-printed shirts and not look like a blooming garden. Adding character to your wardrobe, here are some easy tips on styling floral for men.

Brave is the man who braces himself up for the bloom-on-bloom trend. Double up on your botanical prints as you work the vibrant print with a dark base jacket and trousers. When opting for suits with floral prints, a black or dark background works much better than sombre tones. It helps elevate the print that seamlessly flows through the outfit’s silhouette. A head-to-toe floral look can sound risky to pull off, but if the suit is well-fitted and stylish, you can avoid it from looking like a loungewear set.

Put your statement chunky necklace and bracelet to good use as you style your ensemble for a fun dinner with friends.

Floral for men is anything but boring. This 21st-century happy holiday staple will instantly cheer up your playful spirit. Style the modern shirt with a wide variety of bottoms that range from denim pants to white trousers and chino shorts. A classic example of revamping the quintessential aloha shirt, this floral shirt for men is versatile, funky and works great in slick shades. Throw on a bucket hat, oversized aviators and a crossbody sling to complete your holiday ensemble.

Gently tousled hair, a statement ring and a watch are the perfect companions to complement this easy, laid-back floral look.

Styling floral prints in western wear is a tad bit easier than it is for traditional Indian wear. But India’s homegrown labels now cater to the segment of men who like to embrace their inner masculinity with the most rarefied floral patterns. It is great and undoubtedly stylish because the silky richness of the fabric and exuberant floral prints lend the outfit a clean, unfettered appeal. A crisp yellow raw silk kurta and Nehru jacket with printed palm mascots will dazzle as a day-to-night festive ensemble.

The beauty of mixing and matching floral prints for men lies in the freedom to play with colours, fabrics and unapologetic silhouettes. Consider this quiet approach as a way to acclimatise safe players to the game of floral prints. Start with a colour-blocking shirt under your tracksuit set as a subtle way to include florals into your wardrobe without going OTT.

To balance the floral shirt, men can pair classic white sneakers and chunky metal watches to keep the stance as cool casuals.

If it is your first time joining the floral for men gang, start with baby steps. Is Rose print getting too much for you? Let other elements of your outfit overpower the soft tweeness with boxy masculinity as you incorporate these style tips into your daily dressing. 

Photo: Instagram/ranveersingh