Flared Jeans Have Made A Comeback And Here’s How To Style Them Right

It’s 2023, and flared jeans have re-entered the fashion world, so naturally we’re going to help you style flared jeans correctly.

Published On May 08, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


The term 'flared' describes how the leg opening of pants, flares out in the form of a bell or trumpet. After becoming a rage in the 1960s and 1970s, this style of flared jeans is making a comeback of sorts, but true fashionistas never let it go. 

Flared jeans' popularity can be traced to the cyclical nature of fashion trends when formerly fashionable looks reappear and become in vogue once more. Flared jeans and other styles with a 70s feel have recently become more popular in the fashion world all over again. Of late, a range of flared jeans outfits in different styles and washes are being worn by celebrities, influencers, and fashion bloggers alike.

A flexible addition to any wardrobe because of how easy it is to style flared jeans, you will be rather happy with your decision of buying these, we can assure you. Depending on the occasion, they can be made to be dressy or more casual. Flared jeans can be worn with a T-shirt and trainers for a laid-back midday style. They can be dressed up by pairing them with heels and a blouse. Additionally, flashy belts, jewellery, and cool headbands look great with flared jeans.

Before we dive deeper, let's also eliminate any potential confusion you may have between flared and bootcut jeans. They're both popular styles of jeans that have a similar silhouette, but they differ in the amount of flare or width in the leg opening. Flared jeans have a fitted thigh and flare out from the knee to the hemline, while bootcut jeans have a fitted thigh and a slight flare from the knee to the hemline.

Moving on, flared jeans may look lovely on a multitude of body types and that is one of the biggest advantages of putting together flared jeans looks. A more proportionate shape can be achieved by balancing out broader hips and thighs with a wider leg opening. Outfits with flared jeans are a terrific choice for shorter people because they can lengthen the legs as well. The key to getting this look right is to understand how to style flared jeans.

Fit and length should be taken into account when buying flared jeans. The length of flared jeans should be just long enough to cover the shoes but not so long that they drag on the ground. They should fit tightly around the waist and hips. Taking into account the wash and design of the jeans is also crucial. Darker washes and straight lines can produce a more professional appearance, while lighter washes and distressed styles can convey a more relaxed vibe.

Flared jeans come in a variety of materials and colours in addition to classic denim. Velvet, leather, and corduroy are a few common choices. Depending on the circumstance, these alternate fabrics can dress up or down an ensemble by adding texture and dimension.
Flared jeans are a classic look that has become more popular recently due to all the celebrities sporting flared jeans looks. They are a terrific addition to any wardrobe because of their versatile design and appealing silhouette. These types of jeans may seamlessly lend a touch of retro-inspired elegance to any outfit.

Here is a complete guide on how to style flared jeans for the perfect outfit

A basic garment that goes great with flared jeans is a button-down shirt. You won’t need to put effort into learning how to style flared jeans if you’ve got a great collection of buttoned-down shirts. An elegant and refined flared jeans look is created by balancing the loose fit of the jeans with the sharp, tailored appearance of the shirt. Leave a few buttons undone and tuck the shirt only in the front to prevent the ensemble from looking overly buttoned up or formal.

Flared jeans look great with a leather jacket. The retro-inspired jeans are balanced off by the edgy and cool jacket, producing a look that is both current and classic. For a casual and trendy look, pair with ankle boots and a basic t-shirt or blouse. You won’t need anything else if you’re learning how to style flared jeans with a killer leather jacket.

An excellent accessory to wear with flared jeans is a bold necklace. A striking necklace emphasises the neckline and gives the flared jeans more depth and appeal. For a stylish yet whimsical appearance, team with a basic top and platform sandals.

A fashionable approach to styling flared jeans is to wear pair them with a crop jumper. The cropped form of the jumper allows the flared jeans to take centre stage while also adding texture and warmth to the ensemble. For a cool and casual style, pair it with trainers or ankle boots. This is an easy way to start if you’re learning how to style flared jeans.

Wearing a fedora hat is a chic way to give your flared jeans look some edge. The retro feel of the jeans and the hat's classic and timeless design make for a look that is both chic and timeless. Ankle boots and a basic shirt or blouse will help complete this stylish and carefree look.

Put on a turtleneck top with your pants for a more stylish flared jeans outfit. With the airy shape of the jeans, the turtleneck's sleek and fitting design cuts a streamlined silhouette. Select a bold-coloured turtleneck for a splash of colour and you’ll have everyone copying this way of styling your flared jeans!

The ideal item to go with flared jeans is a crossbody bag. The bag's hands-free design is both useful and fashionable, and the outfit is made more interesting by the long strap. Choose a bag with a striking colour or zany pattern to give your outfit some individuality. If you’re not willing to make the investment of purchasing new clothes because of how flared jeans are usually styled, a cross-body bag is perfect to get you started. To be more edgy, you could even wear a crossbody pack.

Flared jeans are a versatile and attractive complement to any wardrobe. With these extra tips on how to style flared jeans, you can now put together a variety of stylish and classic ensembles. Flared jeans are a timeless look that never goes out of style, whether they are dressed up or down. Celebrities have been rocking the wide-legged jeans trend for a while, and these tips will help you elevate your baggy jeans for the perfect outfit. Distressed jeans are back in style too, and celebrities are showing us how to wear them!

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