Festive Fashion Prep: Some Major Nail Art Inspiration For This Diwali Season

With parties and festivities lined up, looking great and different for each can be a bit challenging. To that end, we present some beautiful nail art ideas to inspire you and add the perfect finishing touch to your festive looks.

Published On Oct 18, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


As the Diwali season approaches, the days of the usual parties, get-togethers, and visits with friends and family have already been marked on our schedules. People are deciding their looks to ensure they look stunning during the social gatherings of the festival. Diwali, being one of the biggest festivals of the year, naturally brings excitement for having the very best in every aspect of your appearance, from outfits and jewellery to accessories and even nails.

Nails have become the latest accessory of a person’s personal style statement. With designs encompassing nearly every imaginable theme, nail art has become a significant aspect of a complete look in today's fashion world. Impeccable nails are essential to complete your festive look for this Diwali season.

Nail art ideas to explore this Diwali season


One of our most favourite looks, and for good reason, is glitter nail art. It instantly gives you a festive and glamorous feel with minimal effort, making it perfect for those who want to enjoy the full glamour of the festivals without sitting for hours to get intricate designs. Simply choose a glitter shade for your nail art, and your Diwali nails are ready.


For those who don't want an all-out glittery look, frosted tips nail art is the ideal choice. It provides a slightly muted version of the glittery look, and you can customise it as per your preferences, making this nail art both playful and classically festive.


Holographic, or chrome nails as they are commonly known, are among the most captivating styles of nail art. They add a touch of sophistication to your festive look without going overboard. The dazzling sheen of holographic nails is sure to be the perfect finishing touch for your festive nail art.

For those who want something unique and don’t mind going quirky, fun nail art like this is the best choice. Combining statement elements perfect for festivals with statement details makes the nails look festive yet quirky.

While many people opt for embellishments, sequins, or crystals for a festive look, this elegant floral design is for those who want to exude festive vibes subtly. It offers a more refined, less flashy approach to festive nail art thanks to the evergreen charm of florals.

As everyone has different tastes, some may prefer intricate designs over general design statements. This design, a perfect combination of soft, natural touches and delicate lines, giving the timeless French manicure a festive upgrade.


This sparkly, fairy-like nail art might be one of the most enchanting designs to choose this Diwali. The almost ethereal sparkle will draw attention and add a unique charm to your overall look, making your nails the star of the evening (literally).

Rich, classic colours that exude a luxurious vibe arm remain a favourite for those seeking festive nail art inspirations. Sometimes, a simple monochromatic look can't be surpassed by any of the latest trends. These classic nail arts continue to be in style and rightly so.

PS: Add a little detail on just one nail if you are in the mood for some festive fun.

Festivals call for a touch of shine, a dash of dazzle, and a pop of vibrancy that brings joy without it being OTT. This design perfectly captures the brief. It combines the shimmer of glittery colours like gold with classic French themes and marble-esque looks, adding a modern twist to traditional festive nail art.

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