Easy Moustache Styles You Should Try This Season

Moustaches are making a comeback and as tricky as it is to find your perfect moustache look, here are some easy styles that you should try.

Published On Dec 26, 2023 | Updated On Mar 06, 2024


When it comes to men’s grooming, facial hair is one of the most polarising aspects. While some prefer a clean-shaven look, others want a rugged beard. Moustaches, which happen to be one of the easiest game changers, tend to be often overlooked in the middle of this mayhem. 
In pop culture too, moustache representation is far less, and hence trying moustache styles without beards can be quite confusing. Whether you’re aiming for a brand new style, or grooming your existing style better, this quick guide to moustache style is sure to help you change the game.

Here are some modern moustache styles serving perfect grooming inspo

One of the most iconic styles, aced by Bollywood actor and producer Aamir Khan, who has not only sported variants of this moustache style in his films but is also seen carrying it with panache in his real life as well. This can be styled with a beard as well as he did in Lal Singh Chadhha but also works perfectly as a moustache style without beard. It is also relatively low-maintenance, making it one of the best moustache styles if you want to experiment with your look without putting in too much effort. Simply keep the middle part of the moustache trimmed, while growing out the ends or tips, and style it well with a moustache gel for that slick look.

One of the most commonly worn classic styles of moustache, the daddy is simple and authoritative. Aptly named, as it is often favoured by fathers, this moustache style is exemplary when paired with formal or sharp-tailored clothing. Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal recently went for this moustache style with his latest release Sam Bahadur, and needless to say, won hearts all over. Unlike, the handlebar where the tips of the moustache are dramatic, for this moustache style, keep them subtle, and trimmed right before they start covering the upper lip.

Relatively higher maintenance, this moustache style is perfect for a retro look. Without turning overbearing, this is perfect when you want to go for a moustache style without beard. A simple way to keep it neat is to make sure that width-wise it doesn’t go beyond the corners of the lips, and length-wise, it shouldn’t cover the upper lip at all. Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh sports a more modern take on this classic moustache style here and is perfect to draw inspiration from.

The anchored stache is just the moustache style to go for if you already have a beard and want to change things up a bit. This moustache style gives a definition to your facial hair without taking away the depth it adds. Sported here by actor and producer Ajay Devgn on the recent episode of Koffee With Karan S8 where he made an appearance, this moustache style is also great for people with rounder faces. Unlike other types of moustaches that can emphasize sharp jawlines, moustache with beard helps create an illusion of that if you don’t happen to have one.

One of the most polarising styles, as it can be very enticing on some faces while look fake on others, the baby walrus recently made its comeback in pop culture when Hollywood actor Chris Evans was seen sporting it. Closer home, actor Karan Wahi was seen in this moustache style in his latest Half Love Half Arranged and managed to send the internet into a tizzy. In comparison to a classic walrus where the moustache covers the upper lip, with baby walrus, the ends are trimmed a bit, and the length is lesser, making it a modern moustache style worth attempting.

Dramatic, and eye-catching, this moustache style is perfect for when you need to make an entry like no other. You can go for the classic sharp horseshoe, often seen on American professional wrestler Hulk Hogan, or in case you want to tone down the dramatics a bit, pair it with a goatee like actor Vijay Deverakonda does. Either way, the horseshoe is a moustache style that is bound to garner attention.

Easy and fresh, a moustache and goatee combo is your best bet to keep things professional and yet fun. This moustache style works as well for youngsters looking for an easy-to-maintain type of moustache, as it works for older men who want to look suave without shaving completely clean. Internationally, this is a style often seen on actor Michael B Jordan, and closer home, actor Ishaan Khatter regularly sports this moustache style.

Tips to keep in mind when deciding a moustache style: 

  1. Keep in mind your professional setting when deciding on how dramatic you want the change to be. Strict professional settings often call for low-maintenance simple styles. 
  2. Regular grooming is imperative for your moustache style to shine through. Well-maintained moustache is a great moustache. 
  3. Invest in moustache styling products, and beard oils to make your moustache look well-groomed and healthy.

Photo: Instagram/ thedeverakonda, ranveersingh