Ever Thought Of Rocking In your Cute Bikinis Off The Beach?

You don’t have to abandon your bikini set once you’re back from your beach holiday, here's to wear it every day.

Published On May 16, 2022 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


Finding the perfect bikini is an easy feat, said no one ever. If you’ve bought a couple, you deserve a gold medal for the tremendous work you’ve put in, my friend. Hours of market scouring, countless trials, recurring doubts, and then maybe, just maybe, you settle for one. Yet here you are with a dozen different sets. Kudos!

But don’t you think that your tough grind deserves more than this virtual validation? You put so much effort into buying a bikini but wear your cutesy two-piece bikini only a handful of times when you are either vacationing or hitting the pool. So how about rocking at least the upper half of your beachwear off the beach?

There, there, don’t doubt your sister’s style sense just yet. Because ‘beach’ please! Wearing your bikini to work, party, and play is fashionable, cool, and possible. We show you how:

What do you have to say about wearing a bikini top over an oversized shirt to cinch it all in around the bust and add some grunge feels to your outfit. We say, go for it.

A sari over a sweltering bikini can accentuate your curves. This modern-meets-traditional combo can instantly take your wedding celebration look from drab to fab. Pro tip: Go for a contrasting sari to bring out the best from your sexy blouse.

From airport to shopping day with your gang, this look has major casual chic feels with a hint of sexy. All you've got to do is pair your bikini top with baggy jeans and put on a bomber jacket or an oversized shirt. Throw in a stack of bracelets and a layered necklace and you’re good to go.

Walk into a party looking like a retro queen in a bikini top paired with a sequinned skirt or shiny high-waist flared pants. Complete your look with beachy waves, muted eyes, and bold lips for extra glam.

Power dress to impress in a pantsuit. But don’t forget to add oomph to your look by wearing a bikini top as your inner and leaving the blazer unbuttoned. Super-duper chic and sexy, I say.

Channel your inner biker chick by wearing a bikini top under a leather jacket. This statement is sure to make heads turn and add truckloads of oomph to your leathery ensemble.

The summer’s all about co-ord sets made with breathable fabrics like cotton, poplin, and linen to lend a comfy and breezy vibe to your look. But you’ve got to get the temperature soaring even higher by pairing your matching set with a statement bikini underneath.

Wear a transparent or a crochet top over your bikini for a peek-a-boo effect. This style hack can take your casual and formal looks from drab to fab. Effortless, stylish, and oh-so-sexy, I say.

With these styling ideas (or should I say restyling ideas?) to your rescue, you’ll surely make the most of your versatile bikini top, even off the beach. So go ahead and rock it, girl!

Photo: Instagram/Katrina Kaif; Instagram/Ileana D'Cruz