Tracing The Global Brand Named ‘Deepika Padukone’

Here’s a look at the six international brand collaborations that solidify Padukone’s status as a global icon.

Published On Jan 05, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


We’ve always seen Deepika Padukone dip her fingers into various puddings. Pulling off multiple roles with ease — be it her deep interest in funding start-ups or as a metal health advocate, or her recent foray as a beauty entrepreneur with the launch of 82°E, her self-care brand at the end of 2022 — Deepika has long left behind just the ‘actor’ tag. 

Her recent unveiling of the FIFA World Cup 2022 trophy along with former Spanish player Iker Casillas proves her achievements beyond the world of entertainment. Being the global ambassador of Louis Vuitton, the company responsible for custom-making the trunk for the trophy, does come with benefits for sure, but it was much more than that.  As she escorted the trophy before the finals between Argentina and France, it was also a moment to note that she is quite literally the first Indian to have ever been chosen to reveal the trophy at one of the the world's most-watched sports, making her as globally visible as possible. Deepika had later tweeted: ““From unveiling the FIFA World Cup Trophy to witnessing one of the greatest games in sporting history. I truly couldn’t have asked for more,” Deepika Padukone wrote after becoming the first Indian to unveil the football World Cup trophy before a final.”  

In 2022, which was the Deepika's 15th year in the world of showbiz, was also selected as a jury member at The Cannes Film Festival 2022, an event she's all too familiar with. However, this was different. What is truly interesting to note that Deepika, in an interview with Variety, said she was quite surprised by the decision of the committee.

It really does not come as a surprise that Padukone is one of Indian film industry's top A-listers. But it's not just her stunning face that makes her such a coveted name in the world of brands. Most industry watchers and experts would say it is Padukone's personality and image - that of one who's transparent, honest, radiating a sense of vulnerability - that makes her such a popular brand name. 

One might also agree that she slips into multiple personalities easily, whether she needs to come across as someone who's traditional or someone who could fit into any culture easily. That apart, she's always found the courage to voice her opinions, pushed the boundaries in a male-dominated industry, made her own rules, all the while being affable, witty and charming. From Lux to Coca Cola and L'Oréal to Tissot and even Asian Paints - Padukone's portfolio of brand endorsements, at a glance, is proof that she is loved and admired across segments and age groups in our country. 

The past year has also seen the actor’s portfolio of global brand endorsements increase. In May 2022, French luxury brand Louis Vuitton announced her as its newest ‘House Ambassador’. From signing deals with Louis Vuitton to campaigns with Levi’s, a pause is clearly not on Padukone’s list of things to do, and as of 2022, Deepika's estimated net worth was pegged at Rs 314 crore and is expected to only increase by 15 per cent each year. 

Deepika, who's also the only woman to have been in the top five list of Forbes India's list of richest Indians, in 2017, launched KA Enterprises, a fully-owned holding company that has backed a number of startups such as Nua, Atomberg Technologies, Aerospace, Epigamia, among others, making her a fairly active entrepreneur in the funding world. No wonder that she's made it to the list three times in a row. 

On her 37th birthday, Zee Zest walks through six of Deepika Padukone’s most relevant international brand collaborations yet.

On October 3, 2022, Cartier, the iconic French jewellery brand, formally announced Padukone as its newest ambassador. Essentially a move to extend Cartier's repute in the Indian subcontinent, this strategic decision was lauded by industry watchdogs, fashion publications, and legions of fans worldwide. Arnaud Carrez, the brand's senior vice-president and chief marketing officer, while making the public announcement, stated, “As an inspiring actress and committed philanthropist, Deepika embodies the Maison's spirit and values of celebrating creativity, universality and open-mindedness.” And he could not have been more closer to the truth.

Padukone is the first Indian to play ambassador for the luxury fashion house. Launchmetrics, the marketing and analytics agency, reported that the actor accounted for more than 25 per cent of the media impact value generated for Louis Vuitton during the Cannes Film Festival in 2022.

Chopard collaborated with Padukone for their Happy Diamonds collection which features the house’s most iconic emblems. Amongst seven names, Padukone was addressed as “a global icon and epitome of talent, beauty and elegance and one of the seven friends of the Maison to lead the campaign narrative” in the brand’s press statement.

Marking over 25 years in the Indian market, Levi’s signed Padukone to promote the denim brand. In September, the brand returned with season 3 of their collaboration. It featured a new streetwear-inspired collection inspired by Padukone’s ease in making relaxed, oversized pieces look effortlessly stylish.

Padukone has also been signed by American furniture retailer, Pottery Barn in December to promote the company’s international expansion. She may also work closely with the brand to co-create a collection.

In 2021, Padukone became the new Adidas ambassador, endorsing renowned athletes to support the democratisation and diversification of sports for women.

Photo: Instagram/Deepika Padukone