Best Quiff Hairstyles For Men To Ace A Suave Look

Hairstyles are the ultimate accessory to give the perfect finishing touch to your look. Quiff hairstyles will instantly add that touch of sophistication and make your look that much more suave. We bring you some of the best of men’s quiff hairstyles to try for your next event.

Published On Jan 12, 2024 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


Hairstyles are always something that can make or break your look. Very important to complete a look even in men's hairstyles, the quiff has always remained a top favourite. With many variations like wavy, original, vintage, and more, a quiff embodies true elegance. A textured quiff hairstyle can grab eyeballs and elevate your hairstyle to make a style statement. There is a reason that of all the men's hairstyles, the quiff is considered an evergreen hairstyle and has been a popular choice over the years. Equally suited to wavy, curly, and all other hair types, a perfectly textured quiff hairstyle will bring out the best of your hair and can be styled messily or classically. Let's look at the best options out there.

Here are some quiff hairstyles to try for that charming look

A quiff hairstyle for people with long hair, this look will not only make your long locks manageable but the styling will also give your luscious locks an alluring look. This quiff hairstyle will have you feeling all dapper. The length of your hair will help you style it better, helping make the quiff part as pronounced as you want to.

For people who love having volume in their hairstyles, a quiff is the best choice. The main part of your hair gets perfectly set and styled with the maximum volume, keeping your hair in place. A perfect medium quiff hairstyle, this hairstyle is also well-suited to everyone with thick hair, as the thickness of your hair will help make your quiff hairstyle more noticeable.

Austin Butler played the role of Elvis Presley, also known as the King of Rock and Roll and truly rocked his favourite hairstyle perfectly. A relaxed, messy quiff hairstyle looks amazingly styled too. Keeping the sides of your hair clean while keeping the main part messily styled, this messy quiff hairstyle is perfect for occasions where you want to style your hair without making it seem too much.

Taking inspiration straight from the King himself, this classic, vintage medium quiff hairstyle is the ultimate style statement. This specific quiff hairstyle is something that is universally complimenting. An instant touch of refined style, this quiff hairstyle will win you compliments left, right and centre at your next event, making this easy yet stylish hairstyle a favourite for you.

Suiting wavy, curly hair so perfectly as can be seen, it is true that quiff hairstyles suit all hair types and textures. Complementing the natural waves of your curly hair, the quiff will come out even more fascinatingly, taking on a new form that still retains all the charm of a typical quiff but with a twist. A quiff on curly hair will mix in the sides and the top part more than it does on straighter hair, making the hairstyle look more blended in, beautifully showcased in this short quiff hairstyle.

A quiff undoubtedly is the most suited on hair which is naturally voluminous, and stiff and has a body that is more suited to styled hairstyles instead of more casual choices. This type of hair will almost naturally settle into a most well-shaped classic quiff with minimal styling needed. This version is the one that resembles a formal, fully styled quiff the most and yet needs minimum styling, all thanks to the natural texture of the hair.

A perfect example of a short quiff hairstyle done with a twist, the hairstyle is the way to go for everyone who has short hair but wants to style it in a contemporary style. Different from the usual crisp, done-up hairstyles, this hairstyle will give more movement to ye=our hair, making you look more dashing. Perfect for events where you want to make your look shine, this hairstyle will hands down make you one of the best-styled people.

Photo: Instagram/ henrygolding, adityaroykapur