Best Night Creams You Can Add To Your Skincare Routine

Give your skin a little more care with these top-night creams, and get a healthier-looking and dewy skin as you wake up.

Published On Jun 28, 2024 | Updated On Jul 01, 2024


Hello skin enthusiasts! Do you feel dryness, flakiness or irritation in your skin? Or are you observing wrinkles and fine lines? If your answer is yes, then you would be definitely wondering why your skincare routine is not enough to keep your skin healthy. In spite of using a number of skin care products like scrub, moisturizer, day cream and sunscreen, your skin needs a little more care. Here comes your solution, night creams.

As the name suggests, night creams are made to be applied during the night. These offer protection and healing to your skin. When you sleep at night, the skin rejuvenation process is at its peak, now a night cream works as a catalyst over here, accelerating the process, resulting in brighter and smoother skin.
Night cream just bridges the gap between you and a dewy skin, by locking the hydration and making your skin plump and supple. A night cream is also packed with game-changer substances like collagen, retinol, and hyaluronic acid which reduce fine lines and wrinkles, giving you glowing and youthful skin. Night creams also help in reducing redness and irritation by soothing and relaxing your skin as you sleep.


Kumkumadi Rejuvenating & Brightening Night Cream is one of the top 10 night creams packed with the goodness of Kashmiri saffron, aloe vera and coconut milk promising you a brighter and even skin tone. If you are an organic product lover, this is the best night face cream money can buy. This also contains natural alternatives to silicone for enhanced softness. Kumkumadi Rejuvenating & Brightening Night Cream is dermatologically & clinically tested and suits all skin types, even sensitive skin owing to its natural ingredients.

Price: Rs. 875


The Dot & Key is a brand loved worldwide for its clean formulations, and this night cream is no different. Dot & Key Retinol + Ceramide Sleep Treatment Anti-aging is the best overnight cream to achieve radiant and youthful skin. Its superstar ingredients will make you fall in love with this product. It contains retinol which boosts collagen and ceramide locks in moisture by boosting the skin barrier, making it a must to add this night cream to your nighttime face routine. It is the best night cream for oily, combination and normal skin types. It's clinically proven that using Dot & Key Retinol + Ceramide Sleep Treatment Anti-aging cream increases skin smoothness in just 8 weeks.
Price: Rs.695


Talking about skincare and not having a single Korean brand is something impossible. If you are seeking a night cream to target your fine lines and wrinkles, The Face Shop Pomegranate and Collagen Volume Lifting Cream does its magic like no other. This is the best night cream to prevent premature skin ageing. This night cream not only rejuvenates your skin but also provides deep nourishment. Plus, it gives you a youthful complexion by restoring the sunken facial contours. Enriched with pomegranate extracts and marine collagen, this volume-lifting cream promises you a plump and healthy-looking skin.
Price: Rs.1,249


Hydrated skin is happy skin. If you are looking for a hydrating hero, here comes Neutrogena Hydro Boost Night Cream. This night cream is supercharged with skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid, amino acids, electrolytes and peptides. The star of the show, hyaluronic acid helps to retain water in the skin for long-lasting hydration. Plus, peptides support the skin's natural renewal process as well as improve elasticity making your skin look younger and brighter. This is one of the top 10 night creams which deeply hydrates your skin for 72 hours giving you a plump and dewy skin in the morning. This night cream is suitable for all skin types.
Price: Rs.1188


Laneige is another Korean brand, loved worldwide for its high-quality products and Bouncy And Firm Sleeping Mask is no different. It's a firming sleeping mask which gives you visible results in just one night, letting you wake up with smoother and bouncy skin. The best part is,it is non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, and suitable for all skin types including hypersensitive skin too. This not only adds a visibly hydrated glow while supporting the skin's moisture barrier but also nourishes your skin overnight, making it a  must to add this product to your nighttime face routine. If you are seeking the best overnight cream, you just can't skip Laneige Bouncy And Firm Sleeping Mask.

Price: Rs.1,300


If you are not a fan of chemical-based skin care products, the Forest Essential Soundarya Night Cream with the goodness of Ayurveda is the best overnight cream for you. This night cream works its magic while you sleep, it supports deep repair, improves elasticity, and tones and firms your skin, giving you healthier and younger-looking skin. Key ingredients include Bakuchiol, Hyaluronic Acid and Polyglutamic Acid 24 Karat Gold, and fermented moringa oil, which ensures a delay in skin ageing, lightens pigmentation, detoxifies and boosts collagen production too. This night cream is sure to surprise you with its multiple benefits, making it the top best night cream, money can buy. Most importantly, this night cream has been packed with the healing energy of the moon, through a special process, leaving you with an illuminated glow like no other.
Price: Rs.3,175


If you are looking for a night cream without shelling out a lot, Olay Regenerist Retinol 24 Night Cream will surely leave you stunned. It is a fragrance-free night cream and locks 24-hour hydration and potency. This night cream is packed with skin-friendly ingredients like Retinol(vitamin A), which hydrates the skin and niacinamide (vitamin B3) accelerates the natural rejuvenation process of the skin whilst you sleep. It deeply penetrates into 10 layers of skin and gives you a healthier, plumper and smoother skin as you wake up. Olay Regenerist Retinol 24 Night Cream renews the skin overnight and also reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This night cream is suited to all skin types and free from sulphates and Phthalate making it a must product to be added to your nighttime face routine.
Price: 1,299

  • Step 1. Cleansing - The primary step is to remove all the make-up settings on your face using micellar water. If you are not wearing makeup then simply wash your face with a face wash.
  • Step 2. Applying toner- Use a toner after washing your face, this removes the last traces of dirt and any makeup residue left in your pores. This makes absorption of other moisturizing products easier.
  • Step 3. Applying face serum - Now apply a face serum on the target areas of your face like pimple marks, wrinkles or acne. It is best to use a serum packed with retinol and niacinamide.
  • Step 4. Applying eye cream- We just can't skip the most delicate area of our face. Must apply eye cream on the under-eye areas of your face.
  • Step 5. Apply night cream- Now, apply a night cream according to your own skin type. This night cream locks the moisture and boosts the skin rejuvenating process.

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