Back In Vogue: Pretty Claw Clip Hairstyles To Style Your Hair In A Different Way

It is official, claw clip hairstyles, one of the biggest things in hair and fashion a decade or so ago have made a successful comeback. As is the case with many, these hairstyles have grabbed the eye of Gen-Z, making them all the rage all over again. To get on to this popular wagon, we bring you some of the best hairstyles using a claw clip.

Published On Jan 04, 2024 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


In the 1990s and early 2000s, claw clip hairstyles were a staple for many girls. Renowned for their practicality and ease of achieving while still appearing elegant, these hairstyles stood out as a fashionable choice. Throughout the significant events of the 90s and early 2000s, one could observe numerous girls flaunting diverse claw clip hairstyles, thanks to the wide availability of these accessories in various shapes, sizes, and colours. Hair stylists, women, and fashion enthusiasts created a plethora of styles using a single claw clip, solidifying its dominance and appeal. However, post the early 2000s and over the subsequent decade, the popularity of claw clips waned, with the fashion world gravitating towards newer trends.

Yet, in recent times, claw clips have experienced a resurgence in popularity. Youngsters, often the trendsetters in fashion, are gravitating towards claw clip hairstyles once more, reintroducing this nostalgic trend in full force. With a plethora of claw clip hairstyles making a comeback, each exuding elegance yet being relatively simple to achieve now is the perfect time to embrace this trend. The renewed popularity of these claw clip hairstyles underscores their enduring appeal as quick, effortless, and stylish choices.
Here are some beautiful claw clip hairstyles to try


A messier, more relaxed version of a classic half-up and half-down hairstyle, this makes for one of the best claw clip hairstyles for thick hair. Since thick hair is usually difficult to reign in, this messy hairstyle will make your hair shine in all its glory, instead of making it look like a forced, uncomfortable hairstyle. Extremely easy to do, all you need to do is take up a section of your topmost hair, twist it loosely and then secure it with a claw clip. The twisted section will fall beautifully as cascading waves.


One of the easiest claw clip hairstyles for short hair, this casual updo is just the hairstyle to go for when you are in the mood to have a relaxing time. Because short hair can get especially harder to keep out of your face, this easy and oh-so-quick hairstyle will instantly lift all your hair, gathering it and holding it in place, therefore making this hairdo the perfect option for all short-haired women.


When you want a minimal yet chic way to style your long hair, this hairstyle stands out among many claw clip hairstyles for long hair. Long hair can be extremely time-consuming to style, even if you just want to do a minimal hairstyle on your part. Thus, this claw clip hairstyle is the best way to save time as well as to style your hair beautifully. All you need to do is take two sections from the front of your hair, twist them along their lengths and secure them with a claw clip. Just this quick step and you have a pretty hairstyle all set.

Finding hairstyles for short hair when you want to do something different than just letting them hang free can be a bit difficult. But, look no further than this easy but truly amazing hairstyle that will not only keep your hair managed but will look downright fantastic. Simply divide the upper and lower sections of your hair, make a half bun out of both these sections and take a claw clip to fasten these sections together. Unique and still extremely easy, this is one of the best claw clip hairstyles for short hair.

One of the fanciest yet deceptively simple claw clip hairstyles for thick hair, this hairstyle will make you feel as if you have spent so much effort and time creating this incredible hairstyle. Whereas, you just need to gather all your hair, twist it up not too tightly and then make a loop on the back of your head as you secure it with a claw clip. The natural twists and waves through your hair will make this hairstyle seem like you have gotten it done from a salon, or meticulously with a curling iron, etc.

An easy breezy and playful hairstyle, this is a hairstyle for when you want to add a pop of quirky charm to your look. Divide your hair into two equal sections and further separate the upper section into two halves. Take these chunks, tie them up in a single knot and fasten a claw clip of your choice on the knot. This simple yet so chic hairstyle will land you compliments, making this one of your favourite hairstyles.

When it comes to claw clip hairstyles for long hair, this braided hairstyle is an elaborate choice. Perfect for occasions where you want to go for a more dressed-up hairstyle and still keep it easy and manageable, this quick hairstyle should be your choice. Gather your hair all on the side, make a braid and then wrap it on the back of your head as a sort of low bun. The intricacy of the braid will make this quick bun look like a lovely bun, perfect for your event.

Photo: Pexels/ Ilknur Celik