All You Need To Know About Cottagecore And How To Channel It

Cottagecore aesthetic has been all over the place, and if you need help channeling the cottagecore fashion in your daily life, here are some looks for you.

Published On Feb 23, 2024 | Updated On Mar 06, 2024


Whether it is Swifties celebrating the aesthetic of Taylor’s album Folklore or social media stars putting on their rose-tinted glasses to show you the perks of the slow life, there is no denying that cottagecore is here to stay. Quite influenced by romanticism, and built around beautiful meadows, teacups, and other dainty details, the cottagecore aesthetic can be best described as a modern attempt to return to the simpler times of living in the countryside and doing everything thoughtfully, slowly, and simply. 
The impact of cottagecore aesthetic, which spiked in popularity in the pandemic, is denoted by self-sufficiency, domestic skills, and the quaintness of the English countryside. Imagine Austen’s Pride And Prejudice, but brought to life. While we were all home, many returned to the domestic chores, and romanticising it brought cottagecore to life. As enchanting as cottagecore is, it is not possible to live that life of rose-tinted glasses everywhere, and all the time. 

You can, however, always draw inspiration from cottagecore fashion, and if that is something you need help with, read on to know more about how to ace cottagecore aesthetic outfits.

Starting with author and social media influencer, Paula Sutton, cottagecore outfits are all about keeping it simple. Sutton’s classic blue patterned dress is everything cottagecore, and her styling it with a braided basket bag makes it even better. The author’s entire feed can easily be a perfect cottagecore aesthetic catalogue but her beautiful dresses so steal the show. Whether it is for a date or a simple girls’ brunch, channel this beautiful cottagecore outfit to steal hearts, like Sutton does.

If you think cottagecore aesthetic outfits can only be light pastels, and neutrals, let cottagecore aesthetic content creator Ramona prove you otherwise. Standing tall in her dull red shirtdress, Ramona oozes comfort and cosiness, all while donning a colour that is not often associated with the cottagecore aesthetic. Based out of UK, her cottagecore outfits are simply drool-worthy, and can easily be drawn inspiration from.

While a good chunk of cottagecore outfits are dresses, that is not all there is to cottagecore fashion. Take Vietnamese French cottagecore content creator Camellia’s outfit for instance. Nostalgia-inducing, comfortable, and chic, her denim dungarees paired with a bishop-sleeved blouse is a cottagecore outfit you can easily draw inspiration from.

While cottagecore in spring and summer is all about light breezy dresses, the cottagecore fashion in the colder months is just as appealing. Imagine flannel dresses, warm handknitted socks and mittens, and an overcoat paired with the comfiest of boots, and you get French cottagecore aesthetic content creator Anna’s winter looks that are perfect for when you want to channel cottagecore in winter.

We’ve all seen the simple linen summer cottagecore outfits, and the flannel and hand-knitted styling for the winters, but should you want to carry the beautiful cottagecore aesthetic a step further to your formal events, make sure you explore designers like Teuta Matoshi. Not only are their designs stunning, but high on cottagecore aesthetic, these dresses are sure to make you the belle of the ball.

While there are many cottagecore content creators from the West, and the aesthetic surely stems from a very English countryside look, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Many creators across the world have been experimenting with cottagecore outfits, giving them a local spin, and adding their own flavour to what the simple value of cottagecore like a slower, more thoughtful life represents to them. Kavya Saxena, an entrepreneur based out of Odisha, is the perfect Indian cottagecore fashion inspiration that you must know about. Bringing the local tribal crafts to the forefront with her venture, she is often seen mixing simple silhouettes like breezy shirts with ethnic skirts from a variety of Indian states and donning classic dresses that have been seamlessly constructed in handloom fabrics. 

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