Airbrushing 101: From Fizzy To Flawless

Join us as we solve the mist-ery around the airbrush hype.

Published On Jan 11, 2024 | Updated On Mar 06, 2024


Move over, brushes and blenders, there's a new sheriff in town – and she's packing an airbrush! As a trend, airbrushing is certainly shaking up the beauty world, bringing its light-as-air magic to faces beyond just red carpets and magazine covers. But before you rush out and invest in a compressor and enough foundation to paint a small building, let's crack open the mysteries of this fizzy beauty trend, shall we?

What is this airbrushing sorcery, you ask? Imagine your favorite foundation transformed from gloopy goo to a whisper-light mist, dancing across your skin like a tiny fairy with a paintbrush. That is precisely the essence of airbrushing. A mini spray gun becomes your new best friend, blasting out your favorite makeup formulas in a fine, even mist that melts onto your skin, creating a canvas of airbrushed perfection. It's like Photoshop for your face, but way cooler and without the need for dodgy filters.

There’s been alot of hype surrounding the airbrushing, hasn’t there? But is it truly worth its virality? Check out its almost endless benefits and decide for yourself:

Flawless, natural-looking finish: Airbrushing isn't about cakey layers and mask-like coverage. It's all about buildable magic, giving you anything from a sheer, barely-there glow to a full-blown flawless base, all without looking like you spackled your face with foundation. Think airbrushed photos, but in real life.


Long-lasting love: This stuff sticks! Airbrushed makeup is the queen of longevity, making it your bestie for special occasions, hot summer days, or days when you simply need your makeup to stay put as long as your inner Beyoncé does.

Camouflage chameleon: Got redness, wrinkles, or scars? Airbrushing says, 'Hold my airbrush cleaner, you're about to be invisible!' Its precision targeting lets you camouflage concerns like a master illusionist, blurring imperfections with the finesse of a Photoshop wizard.
Sensitive skin - no problem: Unlike heavy foundations, airbrushed formulas are often lightweight and silicone-based, making them gentle on sensitive skin and a dream for oily complexions. They're basically like a soothing hug for your face, with a side of flawless coverage.

Contour like a pro: Forget struggling with brushes and blending sponges. Airbrushing lets you sculpt cheekbones, highlight noses, and create a flawless base with the precision of a Michelangelo carving marble.


Glitter bomb responsibly: Want to add a touch of shimmer for a fancy night out, or channel your inner festival queen with a full-on glitter explosion? Airbrushing makes it effortless and surprisingly elegant, unlike the chunky glitter disasters of our childhood.

Body beautiful: Got an event that calls for showing off more skin? Airbrush your arms, legs, or even your décolletage for a flawless, even-toned look that's smooth enough to slide down, but (hopefully) won't actually do that when you hit the dance floor.


Now, before you whip out your credit card and buy the fanciest airbrush kit you can find, hold onto your horses (or unicorns, whichever floats your boat) and consider these very valid points:

Practice makes perfect: Airbrushing isn't like slapping on lipstick. It takes practice, patience, and a willingness to accept that your first attempt might look more like a Jackson Pollock painting than a flawless base. Start with light layers, experiment with techniques, and remember, even the pros had to start somewhere.


Formula frenzy: Not all makeup is created equal, especially when it comes to airbrushing. Ditch the gloopy foundation you use for everyday wear and look for formulas specifically designed for airbrushing. They're typically thinner, silicone-based, and won't clog your fancy new gun, turning it into a glorified spritz bottle.

Tool time: You'll need an airbrush compressor, gun, and cleaning supplies. Kits for beginners are available, but be prepared for a learning curve with cheaper options. Think of it as an investment in your future flawless self, and remember, a good airbrush kit can last you years with proper care.

So, is airbrushing for everyone? Not necessarily. Some folks prefer the full coverage of traditional makeup, while others are happy with their daily BB cream routine. It's all about personal preference! But for those seeking a flawless, long-lasting, and versatile makeup experience, airbrushing is definitely worth exploring.

Photo: Shutterstock