Actor Suniel Shetty On Jewellery As A Form Of Self-Expression For Men

The Bollywood actor and entrepreneur has co-founded MetaMan, a jewellery brand exclusively for men.

Published On Feb 01, 2023 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


In India, mostly in the past century, men’s jewellery has largely been overshadowed by those of women. If at all the opportunity of adorning arises, it has been restricted to statement wristwatches, bracelets, finger rings, or a chain for men. But delve deeper into the history of our country – specifically to the age of royalty, from the Marathas to the Mughals – and it indicates the extensive use of men’s jewellery, laden with pearls, jewels, and precious metals. It reflected class, authority, and opulence.

Many blame westernisation for this practice being lost. Fortunately, since the past few years, times are changing. Courtesy of an array of artists and influencers, men are back to expressing themselves and making statements by donning trendy jewellery pieces. And this is slowly doing away with the gender focus in the space. However, there is still a dearth of brands focusing on men’s jewellery.

Bollywood actor and entrepreneur Suniel Shetty identified this gap early on from his personal experience, and on International Men’s Day 2022, launched MetaMan – India’s first exclusive men’s jewellery brand. MetaMan, which comes from the words ‘Metal for Men’, was founded by Anil Shetty and Suniel is the mentor-founder and brand ambassador for the brand. It offers a range of bracelets, pendants, chains, rings, and earrings for different age groups of men. Metal options include 18k gold, brass, and sterling silver, and their designs are suitable for various occasions – from casual to festive, sports, and travel.

In a quick chat with Zee Zest, the celebrated actor and self-confessed jewellery lover Suniel Shetty spoke about the idea behind starting MetaMan, the importance of accessorising for men, and his style evolution.

Read the edited excerpts below:

It all began with a situation when I was getting dressed for an occasion and couldn’t find the appropriate jewellery to go with my attire. This made me consider how few jewellery brands cater specifically to men. 

Absolutely not!

Interesting question. Currently, I love wearing the Nautical pendant from the MetaMan collection. Because, if you look at it closely, you notice that the design is inspired by the nautical compass used at sea. This pendant, in my opinion, will enhance any outfit—casual or formal. I also love to wear rings. 

Personally, I think jewellery makes every piece of clothing seem better. It enhances your appearance by adding a refined touch. 

I’d say find your style, whether it’s minimalistic jewellery or being artistically expressive. Discover your personal style and accessorise accordingly. 

  • A good bracelet or a watch charm.
  • A ring that expresses your style. My personal favourite is the Long Island ring from MetaMan. It gives you that bling factor.
  • Finally, a classic pearl chain to amp up your traditional game.

I’d say my style has evolved with time. I love to accessorise more and experiment with different jewellery yet remain a timeless classic. I’m leaning more towards fashion that I’m comfortable in and that reflects my personality.

Photo: MetaMan and Instagram