8 Pisces Zodiac Tattoo Ideas For Your Next Tattoo

If you are a Pisces native looking for a zodiac-inspired design for your next tattoo, here are a few designs to check out.

Published On Jan 25, 2024 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


The dreamiest of them all, the zodiac sign of Pisces is a water sign known to wear their heart on their sleeve. Ethereal and full of emotions, Pisceans are perceptive. As they are ruled by Neptune, the planet that governs the subconscious and realms of imagination, Pisceans are known to be intuitive, and creative. It is no wonder then, that the Pisces zodiac tattoo ideas often reflect their sensitive nature.

If you’re a Piscean looking for tattoos, here are some you can draw inspiration from

Not only does this zodiac pisces tattoo represent the symbol of the sign well, but it also shows the balance of yin and yan energies that the natives of this sign are often seen striking. While they can be emotionally grounded and perceptive, Pisces can also sometimes be sensitive and reactionary. They are however quick to balance their emotions, and no other zodiac pisces tattoo captures that better than this yin and yang tattoo.

If there was a floral representation for the sign, it’d be this zodiac Pisces tattoo. Inspired by ‘Unalome’ which signifies the path to moksha or enlightenment in Hinduism and Buddhism, this zodiac Pisces tattoo perfectly encapsulates the Piscean need to be spiritually aligned and their exceptional understanding of emotions. If you are looking for a feminine Pisces tattoo which is simple and yet enticing, this is the perfect tattoo to start.

Another feminine Pisces tattoo that very well represents the deep dive that Pisces natives routinely take into the world of their imagination, it looks just as pretty in colour as it does in classic black. This zodiac Pisces tattoo is also a great idea if you want something simple but not necessarily small-sized.

Apart from fish, mermaids seem to be a great visual representation of the Piscean values. This zodiac Pisces tattoo is also super detailed, much like the observant Pisces natives. Mermaids also embrace both land and the sea, the same way Pisceans embrace their emotional and practical side, making it a perfect feminine Pisces tattoo.

One of the most dreamy art pieces is also a great addition to the list of Pisces zodiac tattoo ideas. Colourful and detailed, this zodiac Pisces tattoo is vivid just like the natives of the sign. While this is a bigger tattoo, it is easily customisable if a smaller tattoo is what you want.

Mirroring their go-with-the-flow energy, this zodiac Pisces energy is a perfect male Pisces tattoo and can be perfectly customised whether it is the size you want to change or the colours. With intense emotions, Pisceans are extremely aware of everything around them, and very in tune with feelings of them around them, and this simple wave tattoo perfectly captures it.

If Pisces small tattoos are what you are looking for, this is just the perfect tattoo for you. It is also a great idea for couple tattoos as the serene water lily perfectly symbolises the ease with which the Pisces natives bloom, no matter where they are planted.

Another of Pisces small tattoos, this text tattoo is as perfect for a male Pisces tattoo, as it is for a feminine Pisces tattoo design. Completely in sync with the water sign that Pisces is, this Pisces small tattoo is a great way to get started if you are not a fan of big tattoos.

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