7 Trending Curtain Hairstyle Looks For Men and Women

Intrigued by the newly trending curtain hairstyles but don't know where to start? Check out these cool curtain hairstyle looks for different face types.

Published On Jan 18, 2024 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


Off late the classic curtain hairstyle has made a comeback. It has boomed to popularity with the trending middle and side parted fringes on long and mid-length hair. This hairstyle goes well with different looks and does an excellent job at effortlessly highlighting the best features of your face.

Several celebrities have nailed the curtain hairstyle look and you too can slay in this sassy hairstyle. Here are seven ideas to style your hair in the timeless curtain bangs and rock any event with the edge it brings.

Recommended curtain hairstyles for an appealing look


If you have a round face, the curly curtain bangs might be just the right hairstyle for you. Curtain bangs for round faces have been a thing for a while now and with these curly curtain bangs, you've aced the look. Let those soft curls flatter your facial features and be amused to find yourself as the head-turner in the next party you step into with these curtain bangs for a round face.


These slightly parted curtain bangs suit short and medium-length hair. This hairstyle has been in vogue for a long time now and has an elegant and modern touch. Short hair with curtain bangs is a smart combination and looks great with Western formal or casual clothing. The short hair with curtain bangs look is also a perfect match for a range of events, be it a casual day of running errands or a glam night of over-styling and partying.


If you have medium to long-length hair, these centre-parted curtain bangs might be suitable for you. The long curtain bangs help accentuate both the curtain bangs and your perfectly layered hair. Rock this look by letting your hair loose and the curtain bangs medium hair does its magic without any further styling. The long curtain bangs are easy to carry and cause no inconvenience because they can be easily clipped up or tied. The curtain bangs medium hair too are effortlessly graceful and charming.


The medium-length curly curtain hairstyle is a smooth ride for men with naturally curly or wavy hair. It is easy to style and looks amazing on those curls. The key is to wash your hair and use some light gel to accentuate the curls. The impermanence of this look leaves room for you to experiment with different hairstyles and slay the curtail style whenever you feel up for it. Just remember to use a good texturising spray on your hair after you've set it in the curtail hairstyle.

This curtain hairstyle for men has a subtle boyish charm and instantly takes you back to the ’90s fashion. The key is to keep the sides and back of your hair shorter than the rest and to let the top grow up to the middle of your ear. Use some gel to shape your hair and set it either to the side or with a middle partition and you have the perfect short curtain hairstyle look.

This look is ideal for men with medium-length hair who wish to keep it simple yet classy. A low-maintenance haircut that requires no additional styling and ensures that you look your charming best, the medium-length curtain hairstyle is all about flexibility. Because the hair isn't too long or short, this hairstyle draws attention to your eyes and therefore this style is recommended for people with soulful and deep eyes.


There is something about the curtain hairstyle for men that suits Asian men. The members of the popular K-pop band BTS are the best examples. Flaunt your Asian features with the adorable curtain style that wonderfully adds texture to your thick and straight hair. The curtain hairstyle looks best on ear-length hair and can be parted on the centre or to the side as per preference. If you're into experimenting, you may also dye your hair pink, green or any funky shade to revamp the curtain hairstyle for men.

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