7 Cute Pastel Colour Outfit Ideas To Amp Up Your Summer Wardrobe

Embrace summer and look effortlessly chic with pastel clothing in your favourite hues.

Published On May 19, 2023 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


Nothing better than light pastels to beat the sultry weather. A summer staple, pastel-coloured clothing is a soothing choice for any summer event, from outdoor dates to dressy evenings. Light pastels tones look good on everyone and flatter every body type. And to top it all, they give you a burst of understated elegance. Plus, you can pair them with a variety of accessories, which means you’ll always be using them in one way or the other. Apart from their beauty, pastel dresses are also excellent for hot weather, as their light colours reflect heat and help keep you cool. But which are the must-have styles in your wardrobe? Keep reading to find out.

The monochrome pastel blazer is perfect for anyone looking to add a dash of pastel to their formal wardrobe. What sets a monochrome pastel blazer apart is its simplicity and character - it's a minimalistic and effortless way to add a pop of colour to an outfit. It's a versatile piece that can be worn casually with jeans or dressed up with formal pants, a skirt or thrown over a dress. A pastel blazer adds freshness making it a perfect choice for anyone looking for stylish pastel-coloured clothes.

Among all pastel-coloured clothes, ethnic-wear in pastels depicts understated elegance like no other. This is a refreshing and playful way to incorporate pastels into a saree or salwar suit, creating a soft and feminine look. Ethnic wear in pastels are perfect for a special occasion, as the light colours keep you feeling cool, comfortable, and elegant, making pastel outfits shine just bright at any celebration.

When we say pastel-coloured clothes, we don't just mean casual dresses. Pastels can be a sublime choice for evening wear too, as they look both chic and playful, perfect for a summer luncheon or an evening event. Of all the pastel hues, we particularly love baby pink, which is a refreshing and unique shade that adds a charming touch to a formal outfit. So, explore the pinks out there to rock pastel aesthetic outfits this summer. 

The multi-colour pastel is a popular choice among lovers of pastel-coloured clothes. From floral prints to geometric patterns or the adorable candy cane stripes, there is so much you can play around with a classic pastel-printed top. The top can be accessorized with simple jewellery and a pair of sandals for a casual day out or dressed up with heels and a clutch for a more formal event. These breezy tops can be worn with a pair of mom jeans or joggers for a day out with the girls, and wear your favourite skirt to take this top for a party in town. A timeless and versatile choice that will elevate any summer wardrobe, pastel aesthetic outfits are incomplete without a handful of these tops.

It’s no secret that co-ord sets are making waves in the fashion world, and rightly so! So when we talk about pastel-coloured clothes, this star trend has to make a mention. Famous for being a no-brainer chic choice, a pastel colour outfit in a co-ord style wins marks for style, elegance and trend in a go! And the best part is, you literally have to just slip into it and not fret about how to style it! These separates can be styled with other pieces, helping you achieve 4-5 looks with this one magic pastel co-ord set! What’s not to love?

The pastel power suit is the ultimate dream among pastel colour outfit lovers because it combines power and femininity in a bold and trendy way. The soft pastel colours provide a refreshing and playful twist on the classic power suit, making it a perfect choice for any confident and stylish woman. Such pastel outfits can be dressed up with heels and statement jewellery for a formal event or dressed down with sneakers for a more casual look making the pastel power suit a versatile and chic addition to any wardrobe.

There are different types of fashion prints in trend as you seek inspiration for summer outfits for women, but the pastel overshirt is a great option to wear on a day out when you want to adorn a pastel colour dress that needs the least effort to style. A piece you might already own, the pastel shirt overshirt adds colour to the outfit while still maintaining a light and airy feel. You can add white pants to it to create a fresh and clean look, perfect for a summer day out. 

Photo: Instagram/shraddhakapoor