6 Times Ayushmann Khurranna Aced Fashion Goals, From Casual Wear To Red Carpet

Ayushmann Khurrana's style evolution is a testament to his versatility, confidence, and innate fashion sense.

Published On Sep 05, 2023 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


Ayushmann Khurrana is a renowned Indian actor, singer, and television host who has made a significant impact on the entertainment industry through his versatile performances, distinctive style, and captivating personality. Born on September 14, 1984, in Chandigarh, India, Khurrana's journey to stardom is a tale of talent, determination, and hard work.

With his unconventional roles and penchant for experimenting with fashion, Ayushmann has carved a niche for himself not only on the silver screen but also on the red carpet and in various public appearances. His impeccable taste, confidence, and ability to pull off diverse looks have garnered him a dedicated fan following, making him one of the most stylish and influential figures in the entertainment industry today.

Ahead of his 39th birthday on September 14, here’s a definitive guide to Ayushmann Khurranna’s most stylish looks over the years

Ayushmann's innate sense of style is perhaps best exemplified by his classic and timeless looks. Often seen sporting well-fitted suits and tuxedos, he effortlessly brings out the essence of a dapper gentleman. Whether it's a black tie event or a film premiere, Ayushmann's sartorial choices always make a statement. In this red suit for an awards function, Ayushmann chose a bright colour with a classic suit silhouette to give a traditional look a bit of a pop.

What sets Ayushmann apart from many other celebrities is his willingness to embrace unconventional and quirky fashion trends. He's often seen wearing eccentric patterns, unique colour combinations, and bold prints that highlight his confident personality. In this look, he is sporting a loud leopard/cheetah/tiger print shirt with sleek black pants. The perfect balance between quirky and muted.

Ayushmann Khurrana's casual style is an embodiment of comfort meeting fashion. From graphic tees to well-fitted jeans and sneakers, he effortlessly nails the art of looking laid-back yet stylish. His casual outfits reflect his relatable and approachable persona, making him a fashion inspiration for the youth who are always on the lookout for trendy yet comfortable attire. This is best seen in this casual outfit of cargo pants and a graphic tee while the actor was on a tiger safari earlier in the year.

When it comes to traditional Indian wear, Ayushmann seamlessly blends tradition with modernity. Whether he's donning a kurta-pyjama set, a bandhgala jacket, or even a traditional Nehru jacket, he manages to infuse a contemporary twist into his ethnic outfits. This fusion of styles not only showcases his fashion-forward thinking but also highlights his connection to his roots. In this look below, Ayushmann can be seen wearing a deep blue Kurta with white pants and white sneakers. The combination of colours and textures, along with traditional motifs results in a winning look.

Ayushmann's commitment to fitness is not only evident in his physique but also in his fashion choices. He often sports athleisure wear, combining comfort and functionality with style. His gym looks are a perfect blend of practicality and trendiness, inspiring his fans to stay active while looking fashionable. In this video with Tiger Shroff to promote both their films Heropanti and An Action Hero, Ayushmann is seen wearing a neon hooded windcheater and black tracks with Converse shoes. The combination of colours and the fitted silhouette makes it the perfect combination for a workout in all kinds of weather.

Ayushmann Khurrana's red-carpet appearances are nothing short of regal. He has graced numerous award shows and international events with his presence, each time leaving a lasting impression with his choice of attire. Whether he's in a tailored suit or a designer ensemble, he knows how to command attention and make a statement on the red carpet. In an awards function by Pinkvilla where he was awarded 'trendsetter of the year', Ayushmann chose an all-white suit with fringes and glitter and a mesh shirt. The combination is one that very few actors can carry off and it’s the perfect blend of classic and quirky.

Photo: Instagram/ayushmannk