5 Useful Tips On How To Style Trouser For Office Look

Your office look doesn't have to be the same old boring outfits. Slay the formal look with these five tips for styling women's trousers.

Published On Feb 28, 2024 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Weekday mornings are filled with the constant struggle of picking the right formal outfit from our wardrobes. We may not have hundreds of pairs of formal clothing for each day of work, but we can certainly mix and match the clothes available in our wardrobes to create new Formal outfits occasionally. For Instance, your beige formal pants can be paired with multiple shirts and tops in various colours such as black, navy blue, dark green, maroon, etc. The key is to find the right match for each top or each bottom, and you have created a new formal option for yourself every day!

However, this seemingly simple task of creating formal outfits out of existing clothes in your wardrobes can be quite difficult without the knowledge of some basic styling tips. To help you answer the question of how to style trousers, we have created a list of five creative things to know and do while pairing your trousers to create the perfect formal look! Read on to find some lesser-known details on how to style formal pants and prepare for compliments at work!
Tips on how to style formal trousers for women

Beige is one of the most widely used and popular bottom-wear colours. A pair of beige pants is among the must-have formal trousers for women. Once you have figured out the right ratio of pleats, flares, and curvature that goes with your body, you can easily create innovative and fashionable outfit options from your existing wardrobe items! Therefore, do not hesitate to pair your solid beige pants with pattern tops or printed shirts because the combination is always appealing. Choose an all-neutral palette if you like, or go all out with florals and polka dots; add a pinch of boldness or keep it subtle. As long as you’re comfortable in your outfit, there are no limits on how you can style formal pants.

Paper bag pants are the comfort table, formal wear options with high ruffled waistlines and loose legs. These pants look great in all the colours, but this combination of beige and white is a classic summer or perhaps a day formal wear option. If you are struggling with how to style trousers in this design, you can always go for form-fitting tops that balance out your figure. You can also go for tank tops and blazers, but remember that the key to acing this formal trouser style is by talking in your top to accentuate your waist because paper bag pants are usually bulky.

Nothing says formal attire more than a well-fitted pair of chinos. When paired with a tucked-in shirt or a top and a blazer, this classic formal trouser style makes you look smart and confident. You can also get creative and wear a horizontal striped crew-neck sweater with chinos for a semi-casual look. Another way you can explore the how-to style trouser question for Chinos is by pairing it with a classic tank top or a button-down or going for stripes, patterns, and colours. If black is your favourite colour and you’re wondering how to style black trousers, you can apply the same styling strategy and pair your black chinos with casual shirts or linen tops but just make sure not to go overboard with the colours.

Yet another comfortable and classy, formal trousers for women option you can try is the wide-leg pants. Every woman must have a pair of wide-leg pants in her wardrobe because of the sheer comfort, grace, and confidence they render to your personality when you slip into these pants. This formal pant style goes well with high-collared sweaters, shirts, satin, and layered tops, or the good old tank top with a blazer look. Pair them with her comfortable pair of formal pumps or perhaps your favourite heels, and you’re good to rock the formal look! Just remember to balance out the proportions; for instance, pairing a slim-fitted top with these wide-leg pants is always a wise choice, as is choosing one bright and one neutral colour for the top and bottom ratio. Also, if it’s an easy evening look you are targeting, adding gold jewellery always helps.

No matter what the occasion, going monochrome always looks elegant. Wear a black pantsuit or perhaps an all-white Cheryl suit set as in this image, and be sure to win hearts with your look in these uber-cool formal outfits. Flared-bottom pants are trending right now because of their charming appeal and comfort. Adding a safari sleeveless jacket in the same shade as your flared bottom pants, as in the case of this Cheryl suit, makes you look super classy and fashionable. This formal pant style goes well with high heels and tote bags. If you are wondering how to style black trousers, then going monochrome and pairing it with a black tank top and a blazer could be a good way of going about it. You could also wear a black shirt and keep it simple. There are multiple ways you can approach the how to style trouser question, but ensuring that you dress per occasion is the key to making any outfit go from ordinary to extraordinary.

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