5 Sustainable Ethnic Wear Brands Redefining Festive Attire

As the festive season approaches, immerse yourself in the beauty of sustainable fashion with these 5 standout brands that seamlessly blend tradition and environmental consciousness.

Published On Sep 06, 2023 | Updated On Jul 08, 2024


In an era where sustainability has become a cornerstone of responsible living, extending its embrace to every facet of life is imperative. As the festive season approaches, the synergy between ethnic fashion and sustainability becomes a compelling narrative that speaks not only to our style preferences but also to our commitment to the planet. This evolving blend of traditional elegance and eco-consciousness has sparked a movement where celebrating cultural heritage goes hand in hand with cherishing the environment. Embracing this ethos, a new wave of fashion brands has emerged, seamlessly intertwining ethnic aesthetics with sustainable practices, giving rise to a harmonious union that allows us to revel in the beauty of our cultural identity while treading gently on the Earth.

Five sustainable brands redefining ethnic wear you should check out this festive season

Raw Mango has established itself as a beacon of traditional elegance, celebrated for its exquisite handwoven textiles and enduring designs that pay homage to India's rich cultural heritage. What sets Raw Mango apart is not just its aesthetic appeal, but its unwavering commitment to sustainability. The brand's ethos revolves around nurturing local artisans and craftspeople, ensuring that their skills are recognized and valued in the modern world. By employing sustainable practices, Raw Mango fosters a symbiotic relationship between contemporary fashion and age-old craftsmanship.

Famous for: Raw Mango is renowned for its intricate handloom sarees, lehengas, and other ethnic wear that feature timeless patterns and vibrant colours.

Vrisa's sustainability practice is rooted in its artisan community, comprising skilled Karigars whose handwork embodies their cultural richness and traditions. The threads they weave are an embodiment of their dedication and passion. With over 250 Karigars, Vrisa's fashion house is a fusion of cultures, crafts, and authentic artistry. These artisans, some with a decade-long association, shape Vrisa's vision and imbue each creation with their unique touch. This commitment extends to female artisans who envision their future within this craft. Every meticulously threaded piece reflects the essence of sustainable and ethical fashion, capturing moments of delicate detailing that foster a deep appreciation for the art.

Famous for: Vrisa's approach is a celebration of tradition and a sustainable future, interwoven with every thread they lovingly create towards artisanal welfare.

Mati embraces sustainability through its essence: handwoven fabrics and nature-inspired shapes in earthy, organic colours. With a universal approach, Mati crafts for every woman, prioritising top-notch natural fabrics and meticulous attention to detail. Minimalist designs and inclusive, loose cuts cater to diverse body shapes and sizes.

Famous for: Mati gains acclaim for its one-of-a-kind creations that seamlessly meld natural fabrics with contemporary aesthetics.

Suta champions sustainability in fashion, uniting tradition, ethics, and eco-awareness. They empower skilled weavers, preserving time-honoured techniques and ensuring fair production. With their Khesh collection, they ingeniously transform unsold sarees into new creations. The iconic made-in-heaven muls highlight their commitment to natural fibres. 
PS: We love their product and collection names like she daisy, she rebellious, she enchanting, she courageous. Sustainability with feminism at the root of the brand ethos, what's not to love?

Famous for: Suta strikes a balance between growth and eco-responsibility, urging us all to join the journey towards positive change.

Dressfolk takes the concept of sustainable ethnic wear to another level by curating a collection that celebrates India's diverse textile heritage and crafts. Each garment is a work of art, meticulously crafted to capture the beauty of Indian craftsmanship while embracing ethical fashion principles.

Famous for: Dressfolk is celebrated for its unique curation of handcrafted ethnic wear that embodies the soul of Indian traditions in modern silhouettes.

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