5 Bollywood Celebs Who've Opened Up About Cosmetic Surgeries

A round-up of Bollywood celebs who've gone under the knife and owned cosmetic surgery like a boss.

Published On Oct 18, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Glamorous as it is, Bollywood’s beauty standards keep getting unrealistically difficult to meet with every passing year. And for decades now, the industry’s biggest stars have done it all to get that flawless glass-like glow, six to eight-pack abs, fairer complexion and picture-perfect features. To live up to these standards, some celebrities have often undergone cosmetic surgeries that involved nose jobs, lip fillers, botox and more. Cosmetic surgeries by Bollywood celebs are usually a hush-hush topic that somehow makes its way to the grapevine. However, it’s not so secretive for all because there are a few brazen actresses that have openly admitted to putting themselves under the knife. Whether it was the knife or needle, you’ll find out the reasons behind the same.

Cosmetic surgeries undergone by Bollywood celebs:

A global icon and one of Bollywood and Hollywood’s biggest stars used her book ‘Unfinished Memoir’ to speak about her cosmetic surgeries. Getting real about a polyp in her nasal cavity, the actress underwent surgery for the same. However, things didn't go as planned, as the doctor accidentally shaved off her nose bridge. Feeling overwhelmed with emotions about the actor not feeling and looking like her original self, Priyanka decided to undergo cosmetic surgeries to rectify the same.

Bold, fearless and honest about her choices, Shruti Haasan is one celebrity who has never shied away from speaking about cosmetic surgeries. The actor underwent nose surgery and was open about her decision. On being asked, the actor said she felt pressured to look and feel a certain way in the industry but has no shame admitting it.

Cosmetic surgeries by Bollywood celebs are not a big deal anymore, and Shruti has made sure of that.

Anushka Sharma runs the world comfortably in her own skin. So, when the celebrity fell under the speculative radar of lip jobs, the actor very confidently took to the popular chat platform of Koffee with Karan to clear the air. When she spoke about her lip job for her role in Bombay Velvet, she admitted that she did use lip-enhancing tools with makeup to get that extra oomph for her pout, but there was no surgery involved.

Knife or not, if you have to learn to embrace life as we know it, you got to take cues from this stunning new Mommy in town.

The yoga goddess, fitness maverick and stunning Bollywood actress has always addressed personal issues openly and with grace. One such topic of discussion was her nose job, and Shilpa Shetty admits to getting cosmetic surgeries. After all, what’s the big deal? She looks fabulous, fitter than ever, and is acing every role she plays in life. So, does the plastic really count? We don’t think so.

Not everyone who tries cosmetic surgeries has positive stories to share, and Gauahar Khan’s experience was one such bitter experiment. Though the actor spoke candidly about her temporary lip augmentation procedure, she stalled it because she was not happy about the way it looked. From feeling uncomfortable on camera to slowly accepting her natural features, Gauahar Khan has found her sombre ways to ignore trolls. More power to her!

Cosmetic surgeries are as common in today’s world as getting a facial. It is the celebrities who take the brunt because their profession entails them to conform to pre-defined beauty standards. Whether it is Katrina Kaif or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, rumour has it everyone has been under the knife, but these were five actresses who were bold enough to admit it. 

Photo: Instagram/Priyanka Chopra