13 Cool Nail Art Ideas To Go Glam This New Year’s Eve

Why not give your mani-pedi a fresh look this party season with something new and shiny?

Published On Dec 27, 2022 | Updated On Mar 06, 2024


The party season is in full swing, and we are here for it. We're keeping an eye on the nail trends that the fashion set is booking at salons for celebrations and soirees. Whether you prefer a minimalist party nail design or like to go all out with glitter nails, there's something for everyone.

Read on to find the best New Year's Eve nail art inspiration:

Regular glitter is great and all, but a few well-placed stars even better. Make your nails dazzle with sparkles from the craft store, or pick up a special glitter polish. It's jazzy and glam, just right for the party season!

There is no doubt that gold is the colour of the season and for all the right reasons. It is time to move over ombre and get on board with gold foil nails.

If you like minimalist swirl nail art, try the marble-finish version for the festive season. The marbled effect created by mixing shimmer and white polishes can be perfect for the rest of the year. If you're feeling extra, top off with a little gold foil since it's the season's colour.

Party nails don't have to be full-blown glitter. A gold or silver embellishment on each nail adds subtle sparkles to your nail art if you're more minimalistic. It is perfect for those who love to add a touch of glam in the simplest way.

This minimalist revamped French manicure speaks volumes. Update the classic French mani by painting the tip halfway for an abstract and graphic look with contrasting colours.

Are glitter and sparkle not your thing? Go artistic with abstract nail art. It’s simple, mix a bunch of your favourite colours against a white nail to make them really pop.

As a minimalist's dream, neutrals never fail to set the bar high. Wear some subtle pink or beige tones this winter. Go for a glossy finish to add that shine to your nails.

A couple of delicately placed gemstones look seriously chic. This is like a whole party on one nail. Coloured crystal-studded nails make you look party-ready.

If you're usually a neutral nail kind of person, why not go for just a dab of glitter at the edges?

Monochromes are always such a mood! To create a stellar and chic nail art style that goes well with your overall look, go for hues of nudes and browns.

To upgrade a classic sheer manicure, paint thin black lines on the top of your nail. Choose a shimmery base colour to make it even more NYE.

Continue the fall fever with stunning holographic designs. The holographic and metallic nail art mix is hypnotising.

Add some pop of colour to your party aesthetic with these orange chrome nails. These will give a metallic finish to your style while adding some colour.

Photo: SOEZI