10 Luxury Spas In Delhi-NCR For You To Recharge And Relax

If you are looking to offer some relief to your aching nerves and pamper yourself with luxurious treatments, our curated list of the best spas in Delhi-NCR will serve you well.

Published On Sep 01, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Hustle, hustle, and some more hustle… that has become the mantra of today's generation. We toil hard and push ourselves to the point that our bodies and minds cry out for help (oops sorry, guilty of doing this too!). A staycation is always a good idea, but how about amping up the experience by indulging in much-needed TLC? Of course, we are speaking about those oh-so-luxurious spa treatments.

If you are a resident of Delhi-NCR, it's time to rejoice! We have curated a list of some of the best spas for you that will soothe your nerves and recharge you like no other. You can thank us later!


Away from the cacophony of city life, an oasis of calm awaits you at this luxurious spa, set within the upscale Westin Gurgaon property. A true-blue wellness destination, the spa here offers a blend of natural therapies integrated with modern techniques to recharge and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. Slow down and pamper yourself with personalised treatments that are rooted in ancient holistic methods.


The Heavenly Spa by Westin offers a range of facilities, including two VIP couple's treatment rooms, dedicated Thai massage and Ayurveda rooms, separate male and female locker rooms with saunas, sunken mineral baths, and more. Some of their most popular picks include sensorial Ayurveda massages, body scrubs and wraps, therapy baths, and manicures and pedicures. You could also opt for an in-suite massage to level up the experience.


Nestled amid the heart of the Indian capital city, the iconic Taj Palace, New Delhi, has held a distinguished position amongst the finest hotels in the world for close to four decades. No wonder, the spa here has an unmatched reputation for extending a nourishing environment to its guests. A wellness haven, Jiva Spa at Taj Palace, New Delhi, is spread over a sprawling 13,000 square feet and offers a host of facilities – from treatment rooms to a yoga studio, vitality pools to a well-appointed fitness centre and salon.

Jiva's curated list of personalised treatments finds its inspiration in the rich and ancient wellness heritage of India. The spa therapy area is spread over 3,600 square feet and includes five therapy rooms, and a relaxation lounge with heated loungers. Each of the products is made using aromatherapy oils and special ingredients, native to India.

Some of their most popular treatments include a deep muscular two-hour massage for profound relaxation called Vishram, which comprises an application of a hot compress of therapeutic Indian herbs that soothes tired and sore muscles. Another one is an indulgent two-hour treatment for deep relaxation and glowing skin called Sushupti that begins with an aromatic footbath and pampers you with the richness of a natural blend of 22 herbs, green gram flour, honey, and fresh cream. The next step, as a part of this ritual, is a heavenly scalp massage, and the treatment culminates with a face massage.

Couples could also opt for Soma, a unique offering wherein two therapists perform a candle-lit aromatherapy massage, using evocative oils. The highlight of this experience is a rose petal bath that couples can enjoy together.


If you're looking for a wellness destination that strikes the perfect balance between the traditional and contemporary, make a stop at The Spa at The Leela Palace, New Delhi. Experience a moment of calm and quietude by indulging in personalised treatments that restore and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.

The 16,730 square-feet foot spa runs across two levels, and features a café, a fitness studio with state-of-the-art Technogym equipment, separate relaxation areas for male and female guests, as well as steam rooms. The second level houses seven treatment rooms, a spa suite for couples, a relaxation room for women, and the 'The Finishing Studio'.

The treatments on offer at the spa integrate the latest scientific advances in European wellness with ancient rituals from Ayurveda. Don't miss out on the Kiziswedana Ritual–a synchronized massage with two therapists working in unison, or The Royal Leela Facial–a technique that uses marma-point massage and warm herb-filled poultices to tone and firm the skin. Another must-try is the Shirodhara, wherein the therapist runs a fine stream of warm oil on the forehead and scalp, creating a profound sense of relaxation.


Walk into The Aheli Spa at The Roseate, New Delhi and you will fall head over heels in love with its design, service, and a bespoke menu of treatments. 'Aheli' in Sanskrit means pure, and it is this very feeling of purity and relaxation that you will experience while you are here. Drown yourself in the beauty of this luxurious spa that has three single suites, a couple suite, a traditional hammam, a glass box gym, and a yoga pavilion.

Indulge in Aheli Spa's signature treatments that have been created to nourish and nurture the mind, body, and spirit in the true sense. Each of the offerings here integrates Ayurvedic, Thai, and European wellness philosophies. Go for the Podikizhi treatment, which is one of the most effective for pain relief. It is delivered by massaging with a pure cotton compress filled with a heated mixture of herbs, which helps in reducing pain triggered by arthritis, muscular pain, or rheumatism. You could also pamper yourself with Aheli Spa's body wraps and scrubs, or their couple treatments to amp up the romance. 

Walk into an oasis of tranquility at The Lodhi, New Delhi—a structure that boasts unrivaled architecture; trust us, you are sure to go clickety-click the very moment you set foot here. Set amidst the verdant greens of Lutyens Delhi, this gorgeous property is home to The Lodhi Spa, the ultimate sanctuary to restore harmony and rebalance your mind, body, and senses.

Enjoy your day off, as you wrap yourself in their luxurious selection of traditional Indian therapies as well as modern rejuvenation treatments, or unwind at their exclusive Hammam equipped with temperature-controlled chambers.

Spoil yourself silly with their wide collection of massage therapies like Deep Tissue, Sole and Palm Massage, Hot Stone Massage, and Four Hand Massage, among others. One of their most interesting treatments on offer here is the Moisturising Candle Massage—a skin-hydrating treatment that is ideal for the winter season. A warm soy candle is what soothes the body, as it penetrates the deep layers of the skin.

Their body therapies are equally popular—Kashmiri Nargis for Her is indulgent to the hilt. Made with Nargis flowers that are characteristic of the Kashmir Valley, this treatment also combines sugarcane and essential oils to leave your skin soft and supple.

Of course, the traditional Turkish Hammam is a big draw here. Don't miss out on it.


Experience peace and tranquility at the Quan Spa, which is ensconced within the plush JW Marriott, New Delhi. Offering a selection of signature treatments, massages, and body wraps, this is the perfect wellness destination to soothe your aching nerves.

Quan means 'spring water', and is a true symbol of purity and vitality. Each of the therapies offered at the spa draws on these restorative qualities to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul.

Spend a day here and let your senses be treated to a luxurious experience like no other. Whether it is the massage or reflexology therapies, your body will thank you for the indulgent healing you richly deserve. You could also try out Quan Spa’s signature facial treatments like Aquarelle Anti-oxidant Facial Thalgo, Collagen Smoothing Facial, or a Brightening Rejuvenating Facial to experience radiant, relaxed, and oxygenated skin.

The one thing you must not miss out on while here is the Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience, which is more like a Swedish massage, wherein therapists carefully apply pressure to stimulate the nervous system, whilst using neuromuscular techniques that relieve muscular tension.

The Abhyanga Spice Bundle Massage is as exotic as its name! A special type of Ayurvedic Marma massage, it includes herbal oils to stimulate Marma points of the body, followed by a steam bath.


The five-star hotel in the posh locale of Gurgaon has its own tribe of loyalists–one look at its architecture and decor, and you know what we mean! This urban sanctuary is one of the most sought-after properties for a staycation, but did you know it also houses a luxurious spa replete with state-of-the-art amenities?

Enter the Oberoi Spa and get mesmerised by the aroma of essential oils and other fragrances that will soothe your senses in an instant. The spa offers an array of ancient Indian, Oriental, and Western-influenced treatments that will rejuvenate you from head to toe.

Try out the Oberoi Signature Massage, a 75 or 90-minute treatment done using Kasa bowls that are rooted in ancient Indian healing. Your therapist works into your muscles using rhythmic soothing strokes coupled with deeper strokes. This treatment is ideal to relieve stiffness and pent-up stress in the body.

The Balinese Massage is equally luxurious—this one is sure to transport you to the tropical haven of Bali. This therapy combines the revitalising properties of aromatic oils with deep pressure techniques, such as skin rolling and deep tissue manipulation.

Don't skip their excellent selection of body treatments that include body exfoliation and body envelopment. They also offer a luxurious range of facial treatments for glowing skin.

Spread over a sprawling 20,000 square feet, CHI, The Spa, represents the universal life force that governs well-being and vitality. For people to maintain a state of complete wellness, it is believed that 'Chi' must flow freely within the body. The spa offers five spacious treatment rooms, including a special couple's suite.

From the traditional Abhyanga Massage to a Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage and Hot Stone Massage—this spa offers it all. We recommend the Signature Asian Blend Massage–a full body massage that uses a mix of Asian massage techniques like Thai, Malaysian, Balinese, Chinese, and Indian with medium to firm pressure, to help restore balance in your body.

Their wide selection of facial and body treatments is a must-try! CHI, The Spa, also has bespoke wellness journeys like The Taste of India Retreat, Chi Indulgence, and Couple's Indulgence. Particularly interesting is The Taste of India Retreat, which starts with a foot soak, followed by a full-body exfoliation and a Shirodhara experience. 


One of the most gorgeous hotels in the heart of the national capital, The Claridges, New Delhi exudes an air of old-world charm and sophistication. Experience a similar vibe, when you step into the environs of The Cinqtuair Spa, which is housed within this striking structure.

The Cinqtuair Spa is not solely about beauty; it takes you on a sensorial journey to healing your body and mind. Their signature treatments include the Cinqtuair Signature Massage, which begins with a foot ritual and is followed by a special massage that combines aromatherapy and Balinese Massage to ease the muscle tension and soothe the nerves.


There's also the Yin Yang Aromatherapy Massage, which combines invigorating ancient Chinese therapeutic strokes and aromatherapy massage, to bring a total balance of body and mind.


Ravissant, one of India's first luxury brands, offers a unique spa experience at Blliis by Ravissant. The spa offers a luxurious selection of massage therapies, body and facial treatments, and hand and foot care.

Don't miss out on the Blliis Signature Hot Stone Massage. This is a hot stone massage that helps you relax and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues all over your body.  During a hot stone massage, smooth, flat, and heated stones are placed on specific parts of your body. Walk away with calm nerves and refreshed mind!

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