10 Cute Couples Tattoos To Ink Your Love For Life

Embrace the permanence of your relationship with these adorable couples’ tattoos.

Published On Jan 19, 2024 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


If you and your partner are looking for things to do together that strengthen your love and symbolise your fondness for each other, matching couples tattoos might be just what you need. You can get as creative as you want with personalised and meaningful tattoos that speak of your bond. Depending on your vibe and preference as a couple, you can go for minimal tattoos like mini hearts or cute little butterflies or you can go all out and have bigger, much bolder tattoos.

We think true love couple tattoo designs are super cool and must be on every couple’s bucket list. Celebrate the shared stories of love with some quirky matching tattoos. If you and your partner are looking for some couples' tattoos, here’s the perfect list of ideas to seek that creative inspiration.

Here are some must-have tattoo ideas for couples

A minimal tattoo making a profound statement about the eternal bond of love between you and your partner, the heart ring tattoo design gives you the sweet joy of having an inked symbol of love right on your finger. Your partner can get one of these adorable husband-wife tattoos as an ode to your beautiful love story.

The matching words minimal tattoo is trending these days and is a hit among couples who like being reminded of how fond they are of each other. Special words or phrases such as 'Forever', 'Love' ‘Till the end’ etc which resonate with the permanence of your bond and the commitment you’ve made to each other can be good couple small tattoo ideas.

One of the popular couple small tattoo ideas, this heart tattoo is simple and meaningful. If you're a newlywed couple or perhaps wish to mark an anniversary with something permanent, there's nothing more thoughtful than one of these true love couple tattoo designs.

If sharing a cup of tea is your love language, what better way to celebrate the warmth of your relationship than with witty couple tattoos of two tea cups or perhaps a teabag and a cup? After all, you're each other's cup of tea!

Yet another of the popular husband and wife tattoos is the infinity symbol with your anniversary date engraved at the bottom. Nothing says ‘eternal love’ better than this tattoo. Usually made along the side of the wrist, this hand tattoo couple has been quite a hit among newlyweds!

If you skip a heartbeat just by looking at your sweetheart, this adorable heartbeat tattoo might be the way to go about it for you. A cute symbol of love, passion, endurance and strength in a relationship, this is one of the trending boyfriend-girlfriend couple tattoo designs. Say it with a heartbeat to the person who makes your heart beat a little faster with this beautiful and cute heartbeat tattoo.

Every man in love treats his woman like a queen and such a powerful couple deserves to get the classic King and Queen tattoos. This is a timeless handle tattoo couple idea that symbolises your regal love. If you both rule each other's hearts then nothing short of royalty defines your bond and this tattoo celebrates exactly that.

It takes two parts to make a whole, just like your bond where the union of you and your partner creates a powerful couple that can endure all of life's challenges. One of the most thoughtful boyfriend-girlfriend couple tattoo designs, these two little halves on both of your hands come together to make the perfect circle of love. If you wish to keep it low, the yin and yang tattoo is the perfect couple’s tattoo for you!

A deeply meaningful and symbolic couples’ tattoo, the sun and moon tattoo is representative of the two opposite sexes of the cosmic world. While the moon symbolises the feminine calmness, the sun symbolises the male strength and vigour. An ideal symbol to show the dynamic forces you and your partner bring to the table to keep your bond running, the sun and moon tattoo is a powerful symbol of everlasting love.

Finally, on our list is the cute lock and key tattoo for couples. If each other's company is the key to your heart, what better way to engrave that for eternity than a symbolic tattoo!? Perfect for soulmates, this lock and key tattoo is wholesome and a must-get for people in love!

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