Festive Delights: Gifts For Children To Make You Their Favourite

Deciding gifts for children can be daunting. But, one thing children (and their parents) like is something that will not only keep them entertained for a long while but also tickle their curious bones. Thus, arts and crafts items make for the perfect gifts for these little ones. Read on to learn more about some of the best options.

Published On Nov 01, 2023 | Updated On Jul 04, 2024


Diwali is a time for celebration and happiness. It's an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones, exchange gifts, and especially for children, receive exciting presents. Kids eagerly await the joy of receiving new gifts during this festive season. However, finding the perfect gift for a child can be challenging, as their preferences change constantly. Fortunately, there are timeless choices that capture a child's interest, and arts and crafts are among their top favourites.

Children are naturally curious, and arts and crafts provide them with a limitless platform for exploration and creativity. These activities encourage them to think outside the box and add their unique touch to their creations. Beyond the fun, arts and crafts offer developmental benefits, helping kids build essential qualities like patience and perseverance.

So, this Diwali, consider giving arts and crafts-based gifts to the young ones in your family and friends' circle. You'll witness their enthusiasm as they wholeheartedly enjoy these creative and educational presents.

The most famous arts and crafts brands to explore

Imagimake stands out as a top arts and crafts brand that seamlessly integrates educational lessons, such as science, with the joy of creative expression. Their product range offers a wide array of options that blend the fun of arts and crafts with valuable learning experiences. For instance, their DIY hanging kits are not only enjoyable for arts and crafts, but they also provide children with an opportunity to explore and understand the solar system.
Where to buy: Available on Amazon and here
Price range: Rs. 110 – Rs. 4800 (approx.)

Chalk and Chuckles is a well-regarded children's arts and crafts brand that offers a diverse range of options, allowing you to choose the perfect gift for a particular child. Their collection includes enchanting jewellery-themed DIY arts and crafts kits, which not only result in a lovely piece of jewellery a child can take pride in but also offer a valuable opportunity for the child to nurture their creative talents.
Where to buy: Available on Amazon and here
Price range: Rs. 299 – Rs. 1500 (approx.)

This arts and crafts brand has recently gained popularity in the world of children's creative activities. It was founded by two mothers who have a strong commitment to ensuring that the materials their kids use are entirely safe and free from any harmful toxins. To address this concern, they developed a line of non-toxic paints and other creative supplies, which have since become the preferred choice for parents who prioritize their children's safety during arts and crafts.
Consider getting an arts and crafts kit from this brand for the kids in your family. These kits include a variety of completely safe paints that can unleash the young artists' full potential without any health risks.
Where to buy: Available on Amazon and here 
Price range: Rs. 190 – Rs. 2300 (approx.)

Smartivity is another beloved brand in the realm of children's arts and crafts. They offer a range of kits that allow kids to explore their creative side to the fullest without creating a significant mess. These mess-free arts and crafts kits are not only a hit with children but also quickly become a favourite choice for parents looking for hassle-free creative activities.
Where to buy: Available on Amazon and here
Price range: Rs. 429 – Rs. 1499 (approx.)

Shumee is a brand that encourages children to unleash their imagination without any limits. To support this creative freedom, the arts and crafts brand provides a variety of kits, all carefully designed to inspire a child's inner artist to flourish. Furthermore, Shumee is dedicated to producing its toys and kits in an environmentally friendly manner, fostering both artistic expression and a commitment to preserving the environment in young children.
Where to buy: Available on Amazon and here
Price range: Rs. 499 – Rs. 1499 (approx.)

One of the most renowned brands in this category, it offers an extensive range of kids' games, arts and crafts kits, and various items that children adore. Their arts and crafts collection is particularly noteworthy and highly praiseworthy. This brand places a strong emphasis on nurturing the artistic growth of children and delivering important lessons in a way that keeps kids engaged and interested. It's undoubtedly one of the top choices for shopping for arts and crafts kits for the children in your family.
Where to buy: Available on Amazon and here
Price range: Rs. 299 – Rs. 1499 (for the arts and crafts section)

This brand is dedicated to providing young children with essential life lessons that foster qualities like empathy and understanding. Leveraging the captivating allure of arts and crafts, they help kids acquire knowledge and values that will benefit not only themselves but also those around them.
Where to buy: Available on Amazon and here
Price range: Rs. 349 – Rs. 1499

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