Balancing Nutrition And Taste: 9 Indian Brands With Healthy Snacks For Kids

With our fast-paced lives, these food brands dedicated to revolutionizing snacking habits, particularly for our young and growing children are quite a ray of hope.

Published On Sep 26, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


In today's world, heightened awareness surrounds various aspects of life, including food and its constituent ingredients. It might come as a surprise to many that even seemingly healthier food choices may not be as wholesome as assumed. What's even more concerning is that we've been feeding our young children these ultra-processed foods, often believing we were making smart choices. However, it's essential to acknowledge that preparing homemade meals from scratch for every snack and meal isn't always feasible for many parents, given their work and other commitments. Moreover, children are not consistently inclined to consume healthy, home-cooked fare and frequently request less nutritious alternatives. This cycle can have long-term detrimental effects on children's health.

Fortunately, in our rapidly evolving world, several food brands have taken the initiative to set an example by offering genuinely healthy alternatives to the junk food and processed snacks that children frequently crave. These brands, driven by a commitment to transform prevailing unhealthy dietary practices, are conducting extensive research and pioneering the introduction of nutritious options. They aim to provide parents with more choices, not only for their children but also for themselves, promoting clean eating. These brands are facilitating lasting changes, making healthy alternatives appealing and palatable to children through a delicate balance between taste and nutritional value in their snacks and products.

9 clean snacking brands that'll keep you worry-free and the kids happy

Slurrp Farm, one of the most renowned brands, especially in the realm of clean and nutritious food for young children, was founded by two women who, upon becoming mothers themselves, recognized the glaring absence of genuinely healthy food choices for kids. This realisation led to the creation of Slurrp Farm, a brand that specialises in millet-based food alternatives for all the delectable treats that kids adore. Among their standout products are millet noodles, magic milk mix, and more, each designed to deliver delightful flavours while eliminating the unhealthy components often found in children's favourite dishes.

Must-try products: Millet noodles, Magic Milk Mix, Slurrp Farm Pancake mix, Mighty Munch
Where to buy: Available on their website, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.
Price range: Rs 20 onwards

Niblerzz is a kid-friendly brand that aims to have children indulge in their favourite candies in a clean and healthy way. Niblerzz prides itself on being completely artificial flavour-free and preservative-free, instead using the sweetness of real fruit pulp for their candies. Offering a range of no added sugar candies, parents can rest easy with giving their children all the sweet treats they want without worrying about their health (or feeling guilty). Maybe parents can indulge in some themselves! 
Must-try products: Lollipops, chocolate peanut butter cups, real fruit gummies
Where to buy: Available on their website, e-commerce sites and certain offline stores
Price range: Rs 400 onwards

This brand endeavours to promote clean eating by providing an extensive range of healthy alternatives to popular favourites like cereals, cookies, and snacks. Their goal is to assist individuals in transitioning to clean eating without sacrificing the taste of their beloved foods. Among their most celebrated offerings are organic chickpea puffs, on-the-go mixes, amaranth muesli, almond buckwheat cookies, and more.

Must-try products: Cocoa crunch granola, almond buckwheat cookies, organic chickpea puffs, etc.
Where to buy: Available in many stores across India, Amazon, and their website
Price range: Rs 100 onwards

Gouri’s Goodies, a Mumbai-based clean-eating brand, has gained recognition for its scrumptious yet health-conscious ready-to-eat food offerings. They craft their food items in small batches to minimise food wastage and uphold quality, all while adhering to a strict no-preservatives and no-artificial-additives policy. This commitment allows customers to savour their delectable treats guilt-free, whether enjoying them individually or sharing them with their children. Among their most renowned products are Belgian dark chocolate energy bars, gulkand minis, quinoa cranberry crunch cereal, and more.
Must-try products: Belgian dark chocolate energy bars, gulkand minis, quinoa cranberry crunch cereal, etc.
Where to buy: Available on their website and Amazon
Price range: Rs 500 onwards

Happy Jars operates with a fundamental motto: to transform the act of indulging in one's favourite treats into a healthy and enjoyable experience. They offer an array of spreads, butter, and condiments infused with the benefits of wholesome, natural ingredients and devoid of any artificial additives. Happy Jars has become a favoured choice for those inclined toward healthy eating, both adults and children alike. Among their customer-favourite products are peanut butter, the beloved chocolate spread for kids, and more.

Must-try products: Peanut butter, almond butter, chocolate spread, etc.
Where to buy: Available in stores; online at their website and on Amazon
Price range: Rs 100 onwards

Snackible stands out as one of the most renowned brands for healthy snacks, boasting a diverse selection of innovative, nutritious, and exceptionally delicious snack options. It has earned a special place in the hearts of customers seeking to satisfy their cravings with delectable tidbits between meals. Some of their most beloved healthy snacks include peri-peri ragi chips, cheddar cheese wholewheat thins, nacho cheese jowar puffs, and more.

Must-try products: Peri-Peri ragi chips, cheddar cheese wholewheat thins, nacho cheese jowar puffs
Where to buy: Available in stores, multiple online shopping portals such as Amazon, Blinkit, etc. and their website
Price range: Rs 40 onwards

Specialising in nuts, this brand provides customers with top-quality nuts sourced from around the globe, offered in delectable and tempting variations. Their inventive flavour combinations pique people's curiosity, enticing them to give these healthy, natural treats a try, eventually turning them into devoted fans of this nutritious goodness. Among their most renowned products are salted caramel almonds, jalapeno cashews, mixed seeds, and more.

Must-try products: Jalapeno cashews, salted caramel almonds, mixed seeds, etc.
Where to buy: Available online on their website
Price range: Rs 100 onwards

Established to provide guilt-free snacking options, The Green Snack Co incorporates wholesome ingredients like quinoa, millets such as ragi, and nutritious greens like kale into their snack production. By infusing beloved snacks with the goodness of these healthy components, they enable people to indulge in snacking without the usual guilt. Among their most sought-after offerings are roasted makhanas, kale crisps, quinoa puffs, and more.

Must-try products: Millet-based pancake mixes, cereal, chocolate cake mix, etc.
Where to buy: Available in stores and online on portals such as Amazon, Big Basket, FirstCry, etc.
Price range: Rs 20 onwards

Pastas, noodles and even instant noodles made healthy, WickedGud is on a mission to eliminate junk from Indian kitchens. Their range of high-fibre, maida-free and ready-to-cook foods are available easily online and offline, with little to no difference in terms of taste from what we've been used to eating otherwise. In fact, a healthier choice not just for kids, but even for fitness enthusiasts and conscious food-eaters alike. With superfit Shilpa Shetty as their brand ambassador, WickedGud seems to be offering indulgence while keeping those fitness goals in check.

Must-try products: Spaghetti, hakka noodles, instant noodles, fusilli pasta, rigatoni pasta, etc. 
Where to buy: Available on their website, e-commerce, quick commerce and offline stores 
Price range: Rs 120 onwards  

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