11 Tips To Make Long-Distance Relationship Work

Miles apart? No problem! Spice up your long-distance relationship with these sweet & creative ideas.

Published On Mar 26, 2024 | Updated On Mar 26, 2024


Let's face it, long-distance relationships (LDRs) aren't for the faint of heart. Miles and time zones might separate you from your special someone, but that doesn't mean the spark can't stay alive! In fact, with a little creativity and effort, you can turn the distance into a unique opportunity to strengthen your bond.

So, grab your favourite mug of cocoa or drink your partner's beverage, cuddle up with your device, and get ready to explore 11 sweet ways to make your long-distance relationship thrive.


Gone are the days of boring video calls, long-distance dates can be just as exciting and sometimes even more creative than in-person ones. Here are a few ideas to get the sparks flying.

Foodie Frenzy: Pick a recipe together, order groceries to be delivered to each other's places, and cook a delicious meal together virtually. Bonus points for funny aprons and setting the mood with music.

Travel the world virtually: Explore a new museum exhibit online, take a virtual tour of a famous landmark, or even watch a travel documentary together. Discuss places you dream of visiting someday – it'll fuel your excitement for future reunions.

Game on: Dust off your board game skills and find online versions you can play together. There are also tons of fun online games for couples, from trivia to puzzle-solving adventures.

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Long-distance relationships and words have some special connection, yes, in our fast-paced digital world, there's something incredibly romantic about handwritten letters. Take a break from texts and emails, and write them a heartfelt letter. Share your day, your dreams, or even inside jokes. You can even include small mementoes like pressed flowers or movie tickets from a date you enjoyed.

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Surprise your partner with a personalised care package. Fill it with things that remind them of you —  a cosy scarf you knit, their favourite candy, a funny mug, or even a framed picture. You can personalise it further with handwritten notes hidden throughout the package.


Music is a powerful way to connect with emotions and memories. Create a collaborative playlist on a music streaming service. Add songs that remind you of each other, songs you both love or ones you discovered recently. It's a sweet way to feel connected throughout the day, especially when a familiar tune pops up on shuffle.

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Who says you can't enjoy the beauty of the night sky together in a long-distance relationship? Download a stargazing app and find a time when you can both be outside. Chat about the constellations you see, share stories about memorable nights spent gazing at the stars, or simply revel in the feeling of being connected under the same sky.

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Combat the feeling of long distance by starting your day with a sweet message. It could be a simple good morning, beautiful/handsome or a funny meme that reminds you of them. You can even send a voice message whispering sweet nothings – a little effort goes a long way.

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Long-distance relationships don't have to stop you from enjoying a classic movie night together. Pick a movie or show you both want to watch, sync up your streaming services (there are browser extensions to help), and cuddle up on the couch (virtually, of course). Chat about the movie throughout, or have a running commentary – it'll make the experience feel more interactive.

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Instead of just texting about your day, send each other pictures or short video snippets throughout the day. Capture your morning coffee, your goofy coworkers, a funny street sign – anything that gives your partner a glimpse into your daily life. It's a fun way to stay connected in a long-distance relationship and feel more involved in each other's experiences.

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Mark those important dates on a shared calendar. Birthdays, anniversaries, upcoming visits – anything that signifies the countdown to seeing each other again. You can even add fun milestones like 100 days until our next adventure or movie night planned virtually. This will add more spark to your long-distance relationship.

Learning something new is a fantastic way to spend time together in a long-distance relationship, even virtually. Here are some ideas to spark your curiosity.

Master a new skill: Have you both always wanted to learn how to code, paint with watercolours, or speak a new language? Sign up for online courses together and hold each other accountable for practising. You can share your progress, celebrate milestones, and motivate each other throughout the learning process.

DIY date night: Pick a craft project you can both do at home, like creating friendship bracelets, making origami figures, or decorating mugs. Video chat while you work on your projects, share funny stories, and enjoy the satisfaction of creating something together.

Let's face it, the anticipation of finally seeing each other again is a big part of what makes long-distance relationships exciting. So, make that reunion extra special.

Plan activities together: Research fun things to do in the place where you'll be meeting. Discuss restaurants you want to try, shows you want to see, or adventures you want to embark on. Planning together adds to the excitement and ensures you both get to experience things you'll love.

Prepare little surprises: Leave a trail of handwritten love notes leading to a special gift, cook their favourite meal for their arrival, or plan a scavenger hunt that takes them around meaningful places in your city. These little touches will make the reunion even more heartwarming.

Remember, long-distance relationships are all about staying connected and keeping the spark alive. By incorporating these sweet ideas into your relationship, you can bridge the distance and build a stronger bond than ever before. So, get creative, have fun, and cherish the journey of loving someone from afar.

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