Step Into The Gorgeous And Luxurious Ranbir Kapoor House In Pali Hills

Whether it is his Bandra home or the family home in Krishnaraj Apartment, Ranbir Kapoor's interiors stand out. Explore some lesser-known details about Ranbir Kapoor’s exquisite residences.

Published On Mar 21, 2024 | Updated On Mar 21, 2024


The chocolate boy of Bollywood, Ranbir Kapoor, has given us some entertaining and phenomenal performances over the years. His wife Alia Bhatt is an equally talented and renowned Bollywood actress who has made a mark for herself with her exceptional performance in movies like Highway and Gangubai. The duo recently shifted to their luxurious apartment in the Vastu Apartment in Pali Hills, Bandra West. This grand apartment is reportedly valued at Rs. 35 crores and has been designed by the talented Gauri Khan.

Today, we take you inside the Ranbir Kapoor house and show you the intricate details of interior decor and aesthetics that make the Pali Hills home of the actor a hot topic of discussion. Additionally, we also share details about the ancestral Kapoor house, the Krishnaraj Apartment, and how the family is soon to move back to this magnificent building. Read on to know everything about the Ranbir and Alia house.

Here are the lesser known details of the Ranbir Kapoor House

If you can recall the cute Ranbir-Alia wedding, you’d also remember that the couple hosted the ceremony at their own Pali Hills residence. The Ranbir Kapoor apartment in Pali Hills is a beautiful piece of modern-day architecture and decor that combines the best of luxury, comfort and aesthetics. This apartment stands tall in Wing A of the Vastu building on Nargis Dutt Road, Pali Hill, Mumbai 400050.

However, this is Ranbir’s personal asset; his family home, that is, the Rishi and Neetu Kapoor residence is located closeby to Ranbir’s Pali Hill property. Their family home is known as the Krishnaraj apartment and is located in Bandra West. As per reports, the Krishnaraj building is undergoing some renovations and once done, Ranbir and Alia plan to move back to the family home.

Pali Hill is one of the posh residential areas in Mumbai inhibited by renowned celebrities and influential figures. Dev Anand’s Anand Bungalow, the Kapoor mansion, and the former CM’s house are some examples. It is an up-scale locality and the Ranbir Kapoor apartment is located right in its heart. As per reports, Ranbir Kapoor paid a hefty 1.42 lakh per square foot for his apartment in the Vastu Building, costing him approximately Rs. 35 crore for the entire house.

This luxury Ranbir Kapoor Bandra house is said to be the highest-recorded transaction in the suburbs. The house stands tall on the seventh floor of the Vastu building and comes with two parking slots. The area is occupied by the city’s elites and it also has many premium cafes, of which, Candies is the most frequented one by youngsters. The nearest stations to the Pali Hill area are the Andheri and Bandra stations. Currently, property rates in the Pali Hill region are priced between Rs 45,000-65,000 per square foot. The renowned real estate providers in the locality include Rustomjee Paramount, Vaswani Vaasty, Rustomjee Seasons, and Manthan Embassy.

The Ranbir Kapoor Bandra house was designed by the renowned interior designer, Gauri Khan who is the better half of the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan. Not only is the Ranbir and Alia house located in an upscale locality of Mumbai, but it is also pretty close to the Kapoor family home, Krishna Raj. With Gauri Khan’s exquisite selection of home decor and impeccable eye for perfection and detail, she has created a phenomenal look for the Ranbir Kapoor house.

Gauri went for a simple yet elegant look for the Ranbir Kapoor house. In this particular image of Gauri and Ranbir sitting on the living room couch of the Ranbir Kapoor house, we get a glimpse of the gorgeous suede couch in the spacious living room. This couch renders a comfortable and cosy look to the space along with a chic and elegant grace. She chose lighter tones for the drapes and a royal candle-lit chandelier which added natural light to the living room space.

Before Ranbir moved to his posh house in the Vastu building, he used to live with his parents in their family home Krishna Raj, in Bandra. The premium Krishnaraj cottage was bought by Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor in the 1980s. This house is currently under renovation and reportedly, Ranbir and Alia plan to move back to this family home soon.
Krishnaraj is a 15-storey building and therefore the renovation work is bound to take time. As per reports, the two floors on which Ranbir-Alia and Neetu Kapoor plan to stay are almost ready. Ranlia plans to have a room dedicated to the late Rishi Kapoor in this renovated Krishnaraj space, where all his prized possessions would be kept - right from his bookshelf and chair to other things. Ranbir and Alia have devoted a lot of time to supervising the construction work at the Krishnaraj site and eagerly await their shift back to this abode of love.

Photo: Instagram/aliabhatt, neetu54