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Beginners Guide: Spring Cleaning Checklist For Your Home

Spring cleaning your house? Here is a cleaning checklist to follow.

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House cleaning is a spiritual and physical practice. When you clean your space, you are setting intentions for a healthier and more welcoming space to live and prosper in. Spring is around the corner, it is the perfect time for spring cleaning. It involves getting a little organised; dust some shelves and put freshener in your laundry for the extra pick-me-up. If you are a newbie or lazy, make a plan. 

Start with a spring-cleaning checklist as efficient house cleaning involves creating a plan or schedule that outlines the tasks. As deep house cleaning is not a regular task, a checklist ensures nothing is forgotten or neglected. It is important to have the right tools and cleaning supplies, such as a broom, mops, cleaning solutions, and sponges.

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The first rule of house cleaning for beginners is sorting the mess out. This spring cleaning tip tops others because it is a long-term investment. If you have excess stuff which you do not use anymore, it is time to discard them. Immediately there are fewer things to worry about and clean. Start decluttering and watch your space getting clean magically and for a long time.

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After you have taken the trash out along with some donation piles, time to start from the entrance. The doormats collect a lot of dust. Start with them first. If they are of material like jute, dusting them with a stick or against a surface would be enough. If not, some mats can be machine-washed. Types of mats like rugs can only be bucket-washed by soaking them in lukewarm soap water. Once clean, the entrance of your house is not bringing that extra dust as the doormats will catch some dust for you!

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Although we all dust daily, you should do a deep clean. Remove all the articles from the shelves, especially the upper ones, and clean them with a surface cleaner. Air dry before putting any decor on the shelves. Then, dust other surfaces like side tables, dining tables, edges of the bed and tv cabinet. The agenda is to squeaky clean every object so that it does not just shine like a diamond but smells amazing too.

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Once the furniture and other surfaces are clean, move to the glasses. This means windows. Windows collect so much dust because they aren’t cleaned as often and it's a huge task to do frequently. So, make soap water and pour it over the window to get the dust to wash out. As the windows are about to dry, take a clean cloth and wipe them dry. The spring cleaning tip here is that if you are wiping the wet window, the remains from the cleaning cloth remains may get stuck. But this way, you have a window as clear as a blue summer sky bringing in all the fresh spring air and no dust! Do not forget the window sills.

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The kitchen is where health is. It is the place you cook. So, it needs to be not only clean but super hygienic all the time. But we do not scrub the slabs and basin thoroughly every day. Start by emptying the slab and cleaning it with soap water. Later, disinfect them. Then comes the cabinets. Try using new stickers to label the storage boxes, remove out-of-date groceries and more. So if you are cleaning the house before spring, do not forget your kitchen.

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Second in line is the fridge. We often spill milk or put greasy stuff in the sections. Not any more. Scrub all those stains and spills. Make sure to switch off the fridge before cleaning it.

Once the house is clean, you can bring in some fresh flowers to add a spring-like feeling to your home. These are some house-cleaning tips and checklists for beginners. You can plan this activity for Diwali cleaning and share these household hacks for cleaning with your friends and family too.

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