7 Remarkable Pooja Room Decor Ideas For Your Lovely Home

Our pooja rooms are the brightest corners of our home, and here’s how you can adorn yours.

Published On Oct 28, 2023 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


Our pooja rooms are usually the most well-maintained, clean, and bright parts of our home. With interior decor becoming an integral part of home design, people often look for unique ideas for designing their homes, including their puja rooms. If you are here seeking inspiration to renovate your pooja room or perhaps build a modern, space-efficient, and aesthetic house temple design, then you will be thrilled to read the points below. Here are seven stunning ideas for designing your home pooja room to make it look appealing.

7 recommended pooja room design ideas

If you are looking for a low-budget puja mandir design, reusing one of your existing cupboards could be a nice option. If you like what you see in this picture, you can get your carpenter to make one of these space-efficient cupboards for you. Just make sure that the wood is durable enough to carry the weight of the pooja materials, which are usually made of heavy metal. Apart from looking amazing and fitting right into any interior decor setup, these cupboards are super easy to shift from one location to another and, hence, are perfect for all of you who love to revamp your house’s look occasionally.

Modern-day apartments are built in compact spaces where you can use every inch of space creatively and efficiently. Hence, many people prefer to have small pooja room designs in apartments that appeal to the eyes and evoke devotion. You can install a cabinet with room separators or wooden doors to distinguish between the living room space and the puja room. As long as the area receives enough light and can accommodate all your pooja supplies, a pooja ghar design in the living room is never a bad idea!

Many homes have wall niches that they don’t necessarily need. These little corners are the perfect place to showcase your souvenirs and decorative items, but if the space is big enough, it can also be used as a pooja room. You can create an open pooja room in these wall niches and decorate it with lights. The open pooja ghar design in wall niches is a hit, particularly in apartments where saving space is always an issue.

If you want a mandir design in-house that reminds you of traditional temples, consider adding glass doors or doors with intricate carvings for that royal appeal. Having the luxury of space is a bonus because, now, your pooja room can include a mini fountain and some plants to make it as close to nature as possible within the concrete limits of a house.

With scarce space, many builders often include a small room within or beside the kitchen that can be used as a store room or a pooja room. Sometimes, the kitchen is big enough to use one of its corners as a pooja ghar. Once you’ve decided on the location, there is no limit to the creativity you employ for your house temple design. Choose royal full-length wooden doors or see-through glass doors; your pooja room will look stunning when the spot you choose is accurate.

If you have space and wish to create a seating corner within the pooja room, these pictures might give you some ideas. A fixed wall frame with enough drawers and shelves for your pooja supplies ensures that the space in front can be used to sit. Either spread some comfortable cushions on the floor, an aesthetic dhurrie or some wooden chairs - your home puja room will be ready to entertain devotees.

Much like the cupboard pooja room suggested above, the shelf pooja room is space-efficient and gives ample space to store your pooja supplies. Just make sure that the size of your idol(s) matches the shelf height, and you have a compact and adorable pooja corner!

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