6 Sustainable Furniture Brands To Add To Your Abode

Cleverly designed and sustainable, these furniture brands are a perfect addition to your homes and offices.

Published On Nov 04, 2023 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


Sustainability is not limited to merely being a concept. In the home and interior space, these furniture brands are constantly innovating to produce well-designed and sustainable products. Not only are these products thoughtfully created, but they are also aesthetically pleasing too, making them perfect additions to your interiors.

Here are 6 sustainable furniture brands you should know about


Working with artisan clusters and empowering skilled workers from five states in India, Sirohi is an artisan-backed brand of sustainable lifestyle and home décor items. Ropes made from scrap plastic and cloth from various production processes are used by our craftspeople. In addition, natural materials like cotton and jute are used to further protect the environment. This consequently makes it possible for a product to form naturally or through recycling.

They give women craftsmen direct market access and top-notch design training through the use of technology. Sirohi's thoughtfully chosen patterns, textures, and colours capture the essence of Indian history and tradition. a style of life that honours sustainability by using upcycling and homemade goods.


BARO is recognized for creating unique, whimsical, and upcycled furniture out of recycled wood, newspaper, and other materials for home design. It offers naturally polished finished products that will undoubtedly improve the interior design of your home. They state that well-seasoned, recycled teakwood is used in the creation of every other piece.


This company, which has collaborated with Etsy, Raymond, The Bombay Store, and other companies, is proud of its products, that utilize burlap, recycled materials, and corrugated cardboard. This brand's merchandise is made of durable and sustainable materials and features several artistic collections.


Aakriti Kumar, a 2014 graduate of Parsons the New School for Design, founded Differniture, a New Delhi-based furniture design studio that values alternative and ecological design methods. Their concept is to use salvaged and reclaimed materials, embrace a zero-waste or minimal-waste design philosophy, and finish our products with natural, non-toxic oils and waxes to combine the sculptural integrity of art with the functional values of design into a sustainably produced product.


Every piece of furniture has a rustic feel to it and is made from recycled pine wood. They use repurposed pine wood to create Do It Yourself (DIY) wood furniture and curio kits. The kit can be purchased online, and it will be delivered right to your house. To build the furniture, just follow the incredibly simple directions and the informative online 3D movies. It's a lot of fun and much simpler than a jigsaw puzzle.

Everything you need for the activity is included in their kits, along with a fantastic instruction manual to assist you. There is even a smart QR code in the guide that, when scanned with a smartphone, loads a 3D representation of the furniture you will be building.


A sustainable substitute for wooden and other material furniture is being provided by Paper Shaper, a corrugated cardboard manufacturing company based in Mumbai. Haresh's furniture designs are suitable for urban living because they are strong, light, portable, and stylish. It takes up very little room to disassemble and store when not in use. The selection of cardboard furniture includes coffins in addition to cradles, chairs, organizers, and storage units. Additionally, Haresh created a transportable toilet out of corrugated cardboard. These toilets are easy to use, lightweight, portable, and environmentally friendly.


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