Discover Bollywood Star Kriti Sanon’s Love For Fitness

Check out the ‘Mimi’ actor’s fascination for the walk and talk, and some of her fitness secrets.

Published On Jul 29, 2022 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


If you are looking for fitness inspiration, Kriti Sanon is a Bollywood star you must follow on Instagram. A self-confessed ‘lazy girl’ Kriti is ironically committed to her fitness routine and documents it occasionally on her Instagram to motivate her fans and followers. The actor, who turned entrepreneur by investing in The Tribe India, was at the Skechers’ Mumbai Walkathon 2022 press conference recently, where she mentioned, “Fitness has become a very important part of my life right now. Something I truly believe in. I do not like to go a day without indulging in some form of exercise.” She also went on to spill the beans on her workout routine, her favourite type of workout and more. Read on to know more about Kriti Sanon’s fitness game.

Kriti confessed that she likes to dabble with different workouts – from walking to yoga, dancing, and even high-intensity interval training. “I feel like we can get bored of the same workout every day, so it is better to practice different types of exercises so that your body gets a bit of everything.” The actor also went on to share more details on her workout routine: “I think it depends on our body – what suits us and what our body needs more. I don’t run a lot because I have a high metabolism and I lose weight fast. But my body needs weight training. I do that to tone my body and strengthen the muscles. And with that, I also practice yoga because it is important to stretch well so that you don’t get stiff, and your muscles are flexible.” 

The actor-turned-entrepreneur swears by the mantra – walk and talk – because walking is her favourite form of exercise. She feels that walking is the simplest and best form of exercise, but we have forgotten to do so enough because of technological advancements. “Even when travelling, I make time for workouts, even if it is for just 20-30 minutes. I am a big follower of ‘walk and talk’. Whenever I get a call, it is like a spring reaction where I just get up and start walking. And you don’t even realise you’ve burned calories during that call. Plus, walking isn’t limited to any age groups,” Kriti explains while talking about the ease and benefits of walking.   

Based on how fit she is and her fitness posts on Instagram, one would assume Kriti loves to sweat it out at the gym. But late in June 2022, the Bollywood diva had taken to Instagram to share two videos – one that featured exercises she loves to practice, and the other, ones that she dislikes coupled with an inspiring caption to give out some workout inspiration.   

Straight arms pullovers, halo swings, Russian twists, single leg hamstring bridge, and bosu plank rainbows are a bunch of exercises Kriti loves, she revealed. “Exercises I love! Maybe because I do them well,” read the caption of the video featuring her favourite exercises. This video montage was followed by another that featured her performing exercises she ‘hates’ and these included Australian pulls, barbell back squats, jogging, and hanging knee trucks. The fitness enthusiast, however, didn’t fail to mention that she still practices these exercises because she believes that you can never evolve in your comfort zone. 

For Kriti, fashion is all about comfort. “Fashion is important because you feel good when you look good and stylish; it’s like an extension of your personality. But I never ever compromise on comfort,” said the actor, who is often in the news for her gym looks.

Through the lockdown and now, the Mimi actor has given us several cool and comfortable workout wear looks and made her love for elevated athleisure quite evident.  

Photo: Instagram/Kriti Sanon