Kriti Sanon Joins The Celebrity Entrepreneur Tribe

The actress completes eight years in the industry and embarks on a new journey as an entrepreneur.

Published On May 23, 2022 | Updated On Mar 06, 2024


If you follow Kriti Sanon religiously on Instagram, chances are you have come across the workout videos she’s been posting lately making you wonder what she’s up to. Well, the Bachchhan Paandey actress completed eight years in the industry today and took to social media to make an official announcement about the start of her new journey. Sharing a teaser of her upcoming journey, she wrote, “Announcing the start of a new journey tomorrow as I complete 8 years here.” In the video, the actress can be seen showing off some intense workouts and yoga moves that dropped enough hints about her new journey being dedicated to fitness.

Today in her latest post, the 31-year-old shared that she’s joined the entrepreneur bandwagon with Robin Behl, Karan Sawhney, and Anushka Nandani - the co-founders of The Tribe, a community that deals with virtual training, in-studio training, tailor-made nutrition, corporate wellness and beginners training.

Sharing a picture with the fitness experts, she wrote, “They say ‘Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe’!! I have always been someone who believes in pushing people I truly believe in and today stands for exactly that. Eight years ago, I started my journey as an actor in the Hindi film industry with the help of people who believed in me and gave me wings to fly! Today, eight years later, exactly on the same day, I am thrilled to announce my journey as an entrepreneur with my three amazingly talented co-founders Anushka Nandani, Karan Sawhney and Robin Behl as we launch our Passion Project “The Tribe”.

Kriti Sanon on fitness post ‘Mimi


Elaborating on how her personal fitness journey actually began after Mimi, a film that required her to gain and lose weight for her on screen character, she wrote, “I discovered my personal fitness journey post Mimi when I had to shed the 15 kilos I had put on for the film and we hit a lockdown where gyms were shut. Robin, Karan and Anushka became a huge part of this journey of mine and made me realise that to stay fit, all you need is motivation, the right guidance and someone who can make workouts fun for you no matter where you are.”


Talking about how they intend to make intense workouts fun and doable, she said, “We at The Tribe believe in motivating you to become the best and the fittest version of yourself- Be it with in-studio, group/personal or virtual sessions with some of the coolest, youngest and fittest trainers who will not only push your limits but also make workouts super fun!
Also excited to announce that we will be launching The Tribe App later this year which will give you access to anything and everything to do with fitness and mindfulness no matter where you are.”

Check out some of the inspiring workout videos Kriti posted recently.

Who needs a gym and gym accessories anyway? Learn from Kriti how to do the perfect squats with rocks by the mountain side.

Breaking the monotony of working out in the gym, Kriti shared a video in which she can be seen doing outdoor workouts with dumbbells on the terrace soaking in all the vitamin D.

In another video, Kriti is seen sweating it out at the gym doing boxing. “No Excuses”, read her caption.

Photo: Instagram/Kriti Sanon