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A Step-By-Step Guide To Explore The World Of Crystals

Amp your juju with these wondrous gifts of nature.

Neeti Mehra

I was ghosted when I first began collecting crystals. I used to travel with two clear quartz crystals, which mysteriously disappeared in the black hole that is a woman’s handbag. My third crystal, a lovely pyrite—a gleaming mineral stone that’s also known as fool’s gold—disappeared from my desk soon after. I sulked for a few days, furiously Googled and dialled the digits of my crystal healer. I found out there are many reasons why this had happened to me—maybe I wasn’t ready or maybe someone needed them more! Since then, I have collected a beautiful collection of rocks, from rose quartz and tiger’s eye to heulandite and carnelian. I enjoy my crystals, I gift many to my friends (and receive many as gifts too), and when the rocks want to disappear, I bid them a warm farewell. Ahead, how to build a crystal collection of your own.

Why a crystal? 

A crystal is not just an inanimate object. Gemstones have been used for millennia in Vedic astrology for their association with planetary energy. Crystal expert, healer, and psychic Judy Hall writes in The Crystal Bible that even though the latter are not as flamboyant as gemstones, they are nonetheless extremely powerful. “Crystals have an extremely high vibration that raises consciousness and opens the higher chakras to communicate with other dimensions,” she says. But what’s important is to know how to work with them, rather than just enjoying them for their beauty.

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How to choose a crystal

For me, buying a crystal that’s going to be an intrinsic part of my life (along with juju) needs to have a personal touch. Before I buy a crystal, I see how it visually appeals to me and then hold it to see if it resonates. (I buy crystals in person from Arura Crystals). It’s good to start with the basic crystals—such as clear quartz and rose quartz—before moving to less common stones. Crystals come in various shapes and sizes, polished and unpolished, and so on. I like to buy intuitively, and stay closest to the shape that nature intended.

How to clean, program and store crystals

I like to leave my crystals lying around in my room. Some are on my desk, while the others are at my altar. I have a few for specific purposes, such as my chakra set, which I keep in a pouch. You can wash crystals under running water (except the friable ones such as selenite, which you can bury in rock salt overnight). I also cleanse them under moonlight on a full moon night, smudge them with sage, agarbatti or dhoop, or charge them with a singing bowl. To program a crystal, first cleanse it, hold it in your hands, and set an intention for it. Repeat this several times.

How to work with crystals

There are numerous ways in which you can work with crystals. You can meditate with them, sleep with them tucked under your pillow, keep them on your desk or by the bedside—the possibilities are endless. You get beautiful crystal jewellery, so you can wear it as a pendant or a bracelet. But for most, I enjoy the company of my crystals. They add colour and good juju to my life, literally and figuratively. And as far as I can remember, none have ghosted me in a long time. 

5 crystals to start building your collection

1. Clear quartz

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A restorative, colourless crystal, clear quartz helps amplify the energy of other crystals. It works with all chakras, boosting mental clarity, and emotional stability. 

2. Rose quartz

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I own several of these blush pink stones in a variety of shapes. A stone of infinite peace and unconditional love, it opens the heart chakra and helps you heal heartbreak.

3. Amethyst

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A lovely purple-lavender stone, this is a protective stone with good vibes only. It’s a spiritual stone that brings you closer to your higher self.

4. Selenite

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This translucent, finely-ribbed crystal is associated with the head chakra. This ethereal, ancient stone is great for spiritual work and helps cleanses your space. It can also be used to charge other crystals.

5. Pyrite

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Fool’s gold is a shiny, brassy crystal that shields you from negative Nelly and helps you attract abundance and prosperity. Keep it on your desk for good work mojo. 

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