Sara Ali Khan's Workout Videos Will Inspire You To Hit The Gym

Mix up your exercise and workout routine to beat boredom away.

Published On Aug 25, 2022 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


From battling PCOS, sticking to healthy eating habits and never failing to miss a workout—Sara's healthy lifestyle is a lesson in perseverance. Not one to just lose weight, the young actor's approach to fitness has made her a consistent fitness inspiration. 

Instagram is flooded with Sara's everyday workout videos. The young star mixes her workout routines to keep things interesting. We've seen her taking up sports like tennis and dance forms like kathak, as well as other exercise regimens like Pilates, weight training, and more. She also loves to travel and enjoys trekking, and can be seen taking off from work for some much-needed fitness level-up in the mountains.

Here are some first-hand fitness lessons from Sara Ali Khan's workout routine, straight from the 'gram!

Sara Ali Khan's effort and dedication to achieving her desired level of fitness are unmatchable. And reaching there means giving up on all kinds of excuses and making the move—regardless of the situation. If you struggle to get out of bed, this video of Sara Ali Khan's workout will get you back on track.

P.S. We know that periods aren't as easy for every girl, but even a slight amount of movement can help induce those happy hormones on your worst days!

If you feel that your routine ends up being monotonous for you and you are left with no desire to continue it every day, try tweaking it a bit. You can add different types of exercises—try swimming one day and cycling the other. A small hike can be a good substitute for leg day, while dancing could very well replace a cardio day.

Sara Ali Khan puts forward an excellent example of experimenting with her workout. From self-defense techniques to swimming, she has creatively included body movements in her exercise, ensuring workouts never get boring!

Sara Ali Khan posted a video of her workout on Valentine's Day. Does self-love get better than this? Working out is not only great for fitness but also for your mental health and stability, and seeing yourself achieve the epitome of your goals. Your body is your primary asset in this world, and showing all the love and care to it is the best thing you could do.

P.S. Exercising in front of a mirror isn't only about vanity—it can help you note your progress and appreciate your efforts.

You don't always need to be in a gym to get in some exercise. In this video, Sara Ali Khan's workout routine clearly shows a certain level of dynamism—she did not deter from her exercise and tried to find ways to keep her body in shape. Plus, even if it's a bit difficult, her aerial yoga routine can actually be quite fun!

Vacations should never be an excuse for abstaining from physical exercise; instead, you can make it a catalyst for taking in some fresh air in a new place. One of the things that you can always check beforehand is the availability of gyms or a dedicated space to work out wherever you're travelling. You can also explore local sports so that workouts during a vacation are doubly fun!

Our minds can be tricked into a good mood to hit the gym if we feel good and dress up for the occasion. Sara Ali Khan's workout videos are also a peek into her fabulous collection of sportswear.

Other than serving some great looks, your workout clothes are essential in driving the right impact through exercise as they keep your body feeling light and agile.

  • For starters, always show up for your workout, no matter what. It's half the battle won.
  • Share your fitness journey with the people around you. All of us may not have a following like Sara's, but sharing can help in increasing your accountability towards your own fitness goals.
  • Consult a good trainer and nutritionist. A good workout isn't effective if not done right, and a workout alone doesn't suffice. Committing to your fitness goal means going all the way.
  • Find a friend or a partner, who will work out with you. Doing it with someone is always better than doing it alone.

Have any workout motivation tactics that you swear by? Let us know in the comments!

Photo: Instagram/Sara Ali Khan