Nimrat Kaur Wins Hearts With Her Empowering Message On Body Positivity

The actress talks about her recent physical transformation and how she gained 15 kgs to fit in her character for ‘Dasvi’.

Published On Apr 20, 2022 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


Recently, Bollywood actress Nimrat Kaur was questioned for her choice of outfit as she was spotted wearing a deep neckline dress on The Kapil Sharma Show. Sharing a screenshot of Nimrat’s picture, the troll asked her the purpose of showing cleavage and whether women do it to attract men.

He wrote, “Ladies, I really want to know what purpose does such outfits exactly serve, If it is to attract men, then why? If not to attract men, then why? It’s a very genuine question and no bait, please tell me what is the actual purpose to show cleavage? Please.”

In no time, Twitterati came to her support and slammed the troll with some of the best comebacks. @Namrata_S_Bhat, a user replied, “Because she likes the dress. She wants to wear it. Simple.” Another user wrote, “I don’t know why men feel like they have rights to know the reason behind a woman’s choice of outfit. Since when do women owe you or anybody any explanations?? The audacity to make everything about you, tbh.” Another comment by @cinnabar_dust read, “The same reason why men like to flaunt their abs. It gives a confidence, good feel and there’s nothing wrong in enhancing the god gifted curves.” And so on.

Today, Nimrat took to Instagram and shared her disappointment over how it’s non-negotiable for people to simply mind their own business. Opening up about her recent transformation for her film, Dasvi, Nimrat penned a long note sharing her experience with gaining and losing weight to play the character of Bimla Devi. The actress best known for her role in films like Homeland and The Lunchbox, had to gain 15 kilos to fit in her the film, which also starred Abhishek Bachchan and Yami Gautam.

Wearing the same athleisure, Nimrat shared the before-and-after pictures with a caption that read, “Weigh on it…Swipe left for my thousand words this picture won’t speak.” Raising concerns about how the society expects women to look a certain way and finds it convenient to body shame them, she wrote, “In the age of heightened expectations regarding what we ‘should’ look like, at all times – gender, age and profession no bar, I’m sharing a small chapter from my life that brought with it learnings that shall last a lifetime. Bear with me, as unfortunately, there isn’t a ‘bite sized’ version of this 10-month long journey…”

Nimrat further wrote, “Born with what’s typically categorised a small to a medium body type, with Dasvi came the requirement for me to size ‘up’. The idea being to be as unrecognisable and physically as dissimilar from ‘being Nimrat’ as possible. There was no target number in mind, but by the end of trying to achieve the desired visual impact, I was a touch above 15 kilos from my usual body weight. Initially, I was rather petrified of an unseen reality I was going to have to own and embrace. But as I steadily and lovingly along with the support and encouragement of my loved ones around me began right conversations with myself, I began relishing the process of becoming Bimla.”

Elaborating on how the journey has not been an easy one and how she didn’t like to be questioned for her diet, Nimrat wrote, “On purpose, not always would I declare the ‘why’ behind what I was looking like or consuming. But always did I observe the ease with which people made my ‘larger than usual’ body and/or meal their business. I could’ve been unwell, under medication, hormonally battling something, or quite simply very happy to eat and be me whatever size that was.”

The journey taught Nimrat Kaur how not to let an outside perspective decide her relationship with her body. In her post, she also highlighted the lack of more mindfulness, sensitivity and empathy among people especially towards those who don’t fit in the myopic and pigeonhole prototype. 

Photo: Instagram/Nimrat Kaur