6 Times When Sushmita Sen Gave Us Major Fitness Goals

Sushmita Sen’s workout routine will inspire you to eat cleaner, workout more, and make healthier choices.

Published On Aug 03, 2022 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


Actress, model, and businesswoman—Sushmita Sen is 46 and fitter than most 18-year olds in the country. Former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen, is an inspiration to women who blame age for their ailing health. Recently, the actress took up a fitness challenge, and posted workout videos on her Instagram handle. We have to say, 46 has never looked better. Holding her graceful self with poise and stature Sushmita Sen’s workout routine will inspire you to eat cleaner, workout more, and make healthier choices.

One of the more challenging gymnastic disciplines, a headstand balances the body weight on your shoulders. A strength training fitness regime, CrossFit can look intimidating to beginners. Start by stretching your hands towards the wall. Get on your knees and warm up the wrists before applying the pressure of your body weight. Slowly begin holding yourself upside down against the wall. Try the headstand under the guidance of a professional trainer. To ace this flexible pose, much like Sushmita Sen, work on your arm and shoulder strength before trying a handstand hold.

Having a set workout routine like Sushmita Sen improves muscle strength and builds endurance. Her flattering physique and contagious energy are fuelled by a healthy metabolism that burns more calories than consumed. A mother of two, this diva follows a strict workout schedule to regulate her sporadic lifestyle.

If you follow Sushmita Sen’s workout routine videos, you will see her dedication in achieving the perfect yoga pose. Used to improve body strength, balance, and flexibility—the actor includes yoga as a part of her workout to calm her mind during hectic shoot schedules. It helps her reduce stress, and conscious breathwork improves mental well-being—a must for those in strenuous professions.

The one thing we love about Sushmita Sen is her candour. Like every one of us, the actor has her off days but that does not stop her from being fit. A tip to her followers is: when you don’t feel like working out, follow your heart. An old song that takes you down memory lane will get your feet tapping and body swaying. Even better if you enjoy this freestyle routine with loved ones. You can see the actor make lasting memories with her daughters as she shows off her well-defined curves.

As seen on the actor’s Instagram handle, Sushmita Sen works the nunchaku during martial arts training as a part of her workout routine. A high-intensity cardio exercise, martial arts offers a full body workout, improves flexibility, and builds confidence by teaching us an important way of self-defense. A woman who has always spoken her heart, unfiltered—we now know the reason behind her unfaltering boldness.

Sushmita Sen’s workout routine includes a variety of exercises, along with good old high-intensity cardio. One of the few actors who is always up for trying new workout styles, Sushmita Sen leaves no stone unturned to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Her Instagram videosare proof and an inspiration for us to focus on our bodies and mind before it gets too late.

Sushmita Sen is a force to be reckoned with, and these 6 instances are proof of her various fitness moments. Challenge yourself with these fitness goals and see how many of them can you check off. 

Photo: Instagram/Sushmita Sen