Why Is Australian Chef Adriano Zumbo Challenging Chocolate Makers?

The reputed Australian chef has challenged chocolate makers to use ITC’s Fabelle Exquisite Chocolates' new product, Fabelle Finesse.

Published On Oct 26, 2022 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


Australian pastry chef Adriano Zumbo was recently in India to launch ITC Ltd’s new chocolate Fabelle Finesse. At the launch, he threw open a challenge to chocolatiers across India to use this new chocolate in their creations. “Judging from the quality of the chocolate I have tasted, I am happy to challenge any chocolate maker in the world to come up with a better quality of chocolate in terms of the fineness,” he said.  The winner of the challenge will receive INR 1 crore as the prize. The results of the competition are yet to be released.


The chocolate, ITC’s Fabelle Finesse, promises to deliver an unparalleled smoothness and melt-in-the-mouth experience. ITC Life Sciences and Technology Centre (ITC LSTC) in close collaboration with Fabelle Master Chocolatiers has figured out how to create chocolate as fine as seven microns. In a neurological testing method conducted by Neurons Inc, consumers found Fabelle Finesse to be significantly smoother than benchmarks and the sheer delight of consumption even helped consumers in alleviating stress in the test conditions. 

Expressing his delight on setting benchmarks for the global luxury chocolate market from India, Anuj Rustagi, COO, Chocolates, Confectionary and Coffee, Foods Division, ITC Ltd. said, “Fabelle Finesse is an artisanal masterpiece crafted with love, passion and pride that brings this innovation to market. I am sure our Fabelle Master Chocolatiers will continue to create even more delightful chocolate creations with Fabelle Finesse. This launch highlights ITC’s commitment to cutting-edge innovations in order to create world-class Indian brands.” 


Core ingredients used in Fabelle Finesse include cocoa sourced from Ghana and Colombia. Fabelle Finesse is available in two variants–milk chocolate and dark chocolate. The brand is launching limited edition boxes of chocolate thins, made from Fabelle Finesse, which will be available at select Fabelle Boutiques located at ITC Hotels. Going forward, Fabelle Finesse will be adapted across Fabelle chocolate portfolio and will be available at Fabelle Boutiques across India. 

Photo: ITC Fabelle