Try These Restaurant-Style Soya Chaap Recipes When In The Mood For Delicious Food

Soya chaap is one of the most popular food items, commonly found in almost every restaurant and popular street food joint. Try making these delectable soya chaap recipes for yourself and everyone you love.

Published On Dec 20, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Soya chaap, famously known as the chicken for vegetarians, is a soft, melt-in-your-mouth, deliciously rich food item that can be prepared in numerous ways. Regardless of the method of preparation, soya chaap is exceptionally good, making it a popular ingredient for home cooks, restaurant chefs, and street-food vendors alike. When made with good, top-quality soya chaap, the result is juicy and soft, turning the preparation into a treat for cooking enthusiasts. A commonly featured dish in both restaurants and street food stalls, soya chaap is always a hit among people. However, there are times when one may feel too tired to go out and order their favourite soya chaap recipe. For such moments, we bring you some delicious soya chaap recipes that are popular in restaurants and as street food, allowing you to enjoy your favourite dish in the comfort of your home. From snack dishes to gravies and main course recipes, these soya chaap recipes will not only satisfy your cravings but also impress your guests at your next gathering. These consistently hit soya chaap recipes will soon become not only your favourite to eat but also your go-to when you want to prepare something extra delicious.

Delicious soya chaap recipes to give a try

Malai soya chaap is one of the most popular recipes for all soya chaap lovers. A non-spicy but oh-so-creamy recipe, this dish is perfect for everyone who loves less spicy but equally appetising flavours as compared to other recipes. A beloved delicacy can be had as is or even as a roll. You can easily make this recipe at home by roasting soya chaap in an oven or even on the grill and then mixing it with a marinade made from cream, yoghurt, vegetables, and spices. Enjoy as a snack or with bread such as roomali roti, parathas, etc.

Another popular soya chaap recipe, masala soya chaap is another common soya chaap recipe, easily found as street food or in restaurants. More suited to the palettes of people who love the kick of spice, masala soya chaap is a delicacy that will have you craving more. Prepare your soya chaap separately as per usual and prepare a spicy marinade of a dash of cream, flavoured with a heavy dose of masalas to give the recipe a spicy punch. Mix everything in and enjoy the recipe with a paratha or just by itself.

Differing a little bit from other soya chaap snack recipes, tandoori soya chaap is also a very famous soya chaap recipe. The favourite of all soya chaap preparations for many people, this tandoori dish with its touch of smokiness will quickly become your favourite dish to make. Where other recipes mix in cooked soya chaap to a paste mix, this recipe calls for you to prepare a marinade of curd, red chilli powder, cream and other spices and let uncooked soya chaap rest on this mix for a while. Make soya chaap skewers after it gets done marinating, and grill them on a grill or even a non-stick pan. Enjoy this smoky delicacy the next time you want to try a good old tandoori snack.

A gravy soya chaap recipe, this masala-rich recipe is the perfect recipe to make when you want to have some dhaba-like food. As the name suggests, made on a wide, flat pan, the recipe calls for you to marinate your soya chaap in a margination of yoghurt, lemon juice, salt and spices like black pepper while you prepare an onion-tomato paste on the side. Add the usual spices to the gravy to bring out its flavour, adding the soya chunks after a while. Let the dish simmer for a while and serve fresh with a smattering of fresh cream on the top to elevate the flavour even more.

A famous, fried soya chaap recipe, kurkuri soya chaap is a filling snack that will make for a perfect recipe for a gathering. Simply prepare a thick batter that calls for all-purpose flour, spices and water and dunk your soya chaap in, just before dropping it in hot oil to let fry. The flaky, crispy result that is kurkuri soya chaap will be one of the most popular snacks among your guests.

For people who love Chinese flavours and dishes like chilli paneer, chilli chicken, etc. chilli soya chaap is the next best thing. Soya chaap chunks, diced vegetables and other ingredients like soy sauce, vinegar, etc. are needed for this tasty preparation. Make the sauce by adding in all the liquid ingredients along with the diced vegetables, adding in half-cooked soya chunks, and stirring as the sauce starts to thicken. Let the dish simmer and after a few minutes, sprinkle sesame seeds and serve when all ready.

A delicious alternative for butter chicken for all vegetarians, this rich, low-on-spice gravy-based soya chaap recipe is one of the best recipes to make. Using a sauce similar to a butter chicken sauce, made from tomatoes, cashews, tomato puree, cream, spices and herbs, it is the dish to try for everyone who enjoys a milder gravy as opposed to masala and spice-heavy alternatives. A royal treat for your taste buds, this dish is a must-try.

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