World Cocktail Day: Channel Your Inner Mixologist With These 10 Refreshing Summer Recipes

Stir up these summer classic cocktails specially curated by the top mixologists in India.

Published On May 12, 2022 | Updated On Mar 06, 2024


It’s World Cocktail Day and there’s no better time to channel your inner mixologists and make the most of it. So, if you are looking for some refreshing summer tipple, then look no further. We have rounded up a few classic concoctions with great seasonal flavours from mixologists and the best thing about them is that they aren’t complicated at all. From fruit infused cocktails to coffee cocktails, there’s something for everyone. Scroll down, mark your favourite recipe, and start prepping already!


Fancy a cucumber cocktail with a hint of rose? Then this recipe is for you

60 ml Bombay Sapphire 

3-4pcs fresh cucumber chunks

5 ml fresh rose water

10 ml simple syrup (sugar free)

A splash of tonic water

1. Muddle all the ingredients together and shake.

2. Garnish with rose petals and cucumber peel.


This is a perfect low-sugar summer cocktail with flavours of refreshing pineapple juice and fresh basil.

60 ml Gordon's London dry gin 

90 ml pineapple juice 

30 ml lime juice 

3 fresh basil leaves

1. Shake all ingredients over ice in a shaker. 

2. Garnish with fresh basil leaf.


A fine blend of gin, lemongrass, basil, ginger, star anise, coconut, passion fruit, and lime—this is the perfect tropical delight!

60 ml London dry gin 

20 ml frozen passion fruit puree

5 ml coconut syrup 

10 ml lime juice

For muddling: 

2-inch lemongrass stalk

3 basil leaves

1/2-inch fresh ginger slice

1 petal of star anise

For top up:

30 ml soda

15 ml Sprite

1. Soft muddle lemongrass, basil, fresh ginger, and star anise together. 

2. Add the rest of the ingredients to the muddled items along with ice and shake. 

3. Double strain over ice in a roly-poly glass and top up with soda and Sprite. 

4. Garnish with lemongrass bush.


Mango and tequila is a truly winning combination this summer. This cocktail is smooth and refined.

60 ml tequila

60 ml Jimmy’s mango chilli mojito mix

1 drop tabasco

60 ml tonic water

1. In a tall glass filled with ice, add the above ingredients and stir to mix well.

2. Garnish with a mango candy and fresh mint sprigs and serve.


This ain’t an ordinary Pina Colada! The flavour of matcha tea just elevates every sip of this cocktail.

50 ml Beefeater dry 

1 bar spoon matcha tea 

30 ml fresh pineapple juice 

10 ml fresh lemon juice 

50 ml coconut milk 

40 ml soda water 

Matcha dusting for garnish

1. Blend all ingredients together in a blender, except for soda water, until smooth. 

2. Pour soda water into glass then add the blended mixture and dust the top with matcha. This is not a frozen drink, so take care not to add too much ice.


Ever tried beer with guava, cucumber and lime? Well, this recipe won’t disappoint you.  

30 ml Jose Cuervo Silver  

60 ml guava juice 

20 ml lime juice 

20 ml sugar syrup (1:1) 

60 ml Copter7 Premium Strong Beer 




1. Rim the beer tankard with a mix of salt and pink peppercorns. 

2. Add ice to the glass and pour all ingredients, minus the beer, over ice. 

3. Now top up with beer and gently stir. 

4. Garnish with a cucumber slice.


This tasty citrus cocktail inspired by the Japanese plant yuzu is a lovely mix of sweet and sour with yuzu puree that enhances the flavour.

60 ml tequila 

15 ml triple sec 

15 ml lime juice 

30 ml Yuzu puree 

30 ml egg white

1. Add all the ingredients into a shaker along with ice cubes, and strain into the tik glass. 

2. Garnish with burnt rosemary and Thai chilli.


This isa fun and distinctive caffeine-infused drink for all coffee lovers!

30ml Oaken Glow

30ml espresso 

A spoonful of vanilla ice cream  

1. This cocktail is curated by mixing all ingredients well with some ice cubes (in a cocktail shaker). 

2. Pour out into a whiskey glass and serve with a chocolate stick/roll.


This is a fresh take on the usual gin with floral notes and a tangy citrus punch.

50 ml blue pea flower-infused dry gin

30 ml fresh grapefruit juice 

10 ml lime juice 

10 ml orange blossom honey

1. Pour all the ingredients in a glass and stir. 

2. Once the honey is diluted, stir with ice and pour into a coupe rimmed with orange blossom honey and bee pollen.


Desire a bright, juicy flavour of oranges along with the light char of a bourbon? Then this one's for you!

1.5 ml Jim Beam Orange

0.5 ml orange juice

0.75 ml lemon juice

0.5 ml simple syrup

Soda water

Orange wedge

Mint sprig for garnish

1. Add all ingredients (except soda water) to a cocktail shaker with ice. 

2. Shake and strain into a Collins glass over ice. 

3. Top with soda water and gently stir.

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