Riding The Hallyu Wave: Korean Restaurants In Mumbai To Try Popular Dishes

Korean culture has caught the world by storm. From K-Dramas, K-Pop, Korean skincare and makeup to ever-so-delicious Korean food have people going gaga over them.

Published On Sep 25, 2023 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


In recent years, South Korea has seen a surge in global popularity, with Korean culture taking the world by storm. Korean music, beauty, and entertainment have all risen to prominence worldwide. Among these trends, Korean cuisine has also gained significant traction. Known for its bold flavours, enticing aromas, and balanced approach to food, Korean food has become a global favourite. Food plays a significant role in Korean history, reflecting the impact of various historical events. It has the remarkable ability to bring people together, fostering a sense of community and shared appreciation for delicious, quality meals. South Korean cuisine, with its deep historical roots and communal traditions, has naturally become a beloved choice for friends and families seeking to enjoy its diverse and mouth-watering dishes. This culinary phenomenon is ushering in a fresh chapter in the global food scene, one delightful bite at a time.

Here are 7 of Mumbai’s top-notch Korean restaurants to try  

Hengbok is the restaurant that is famously credited with making Mumbai accustomed to Korean food. One of the city’s earliest Korean restaurants, Hengbok has a warm vibe coupled with deliciously authentic Korean food dishes and is still making people a fan of their food, leaving them with a longing to come back for more.

What to try: Tteokbokki, spicy samgyeopsal, japchae noodles, patbingsu, etc. 
Location: Opposite City Mall, Off Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai
Timings: 12 pm – 2:45 pm and 6 pm – 11:30 pm
Cost for two: Rs 2,000 (approx.)

Sun and Moon restaurant, operated by a delightful husband and wife team, is a must-visit for Korean food enthusiasts and K-Pop fans alike. The eatery boasts a special charm, decked with popular boy band BTS merchandise, creating an inviting vibe that resonates with Korean culture. This restaurant takes great pride in not only serving Korean cuisine but also in fostering an atmosphere that celebrates and promotes the rich Korean culture through its delectable dishes and vibrant ambience.

What to try: Rabokki, Korean hot dog, gimbap, dolsot bibimbap, etc.
Location: Shop 1, 1st Floor, Danik Shevner Marg, Opposite Lady Ratan Tower, Worli, Mumbai
Timings: 11 am – 12 am
Cost for two: Rs 2,000 (approx.)

This restaurant is a beloved choice among Korean food enthusiasts, known for its genuine flavours and welcoming atmosphere. It prides itself on serving dishes that are quite close to the original South Korean recipes, making it a go-to destination for an authentic Korean dining experience. Additionally, the restaurant offers a charming open-air seating area that allows patrons to relish both the comforting warmth of Korean cuisine and the delightful Mumbai weather simultaneously crafting an enchanting dining experience.

What to try: Kimchi jjigae, Korean BBQ, bulgogi, etc.
Location: Multiple outlets
Timings: 12 pm – 10 pm
Cost for two: Rs 2,300 (approx.)

Yazu is a renowned restaurant celebrated for its expertly crafted, intricately balanced flavours synonymous with Korean cuisine. With the restaurant's chef hailing from Korean heritage, diners can expect an exceptional level of authenticity when indulging in South Korean cuisine at Yazu. A visit to Yazu promises a genuine and exquisite taste of South Korean culinary delights.
What to try: Ramyeon, dubu kimchi tofu, morning glory, etc.
Location: Multiple outlets
Timings: 12 pm – 1 am
Cost for two: Rs 2,100 (approx.)

This Korean restaurant is an essential stop for all Korean food enthusiasts, particularly those who adore BTS. A visit here feels like a journey to South Korea, thanks to its authentic interiors, delectable cuisine, and extensive K-Pop merchandise on showcase. Proudly positioned as a prominent ambassador of Korean culinary traditions in Mumbai, this restaurant also doubles as a dedicated hub for fervent BTS fans.

What to try: Korean spicy chicken, pajeon, jajangmyeon, etc.
Location: Shop no. 2/3, Ostwal Point Building, Mira Road, Mumbai
Timings: 12 pm – 11.30 pm
Cost for two: Rs 1,000 (approx.)

Kofuku is more than just a restaurant serving authentic Korean flavours; it's a place where you can truly immerse yourself in the South Korean dining experience. Its inviting seating arrangement, blending modern and traditional elements, transports you to a South Korean eatery. This captivating fusion of the old and new is evident not only in its cuisine but also in its decor. Kofuku mesmerises with its holistic South Korean experience, ensuring that a meal here is unlike any other restaurant outing.

What to try: kimbap, mandu soup, naengmyeon, etc.
Location: Multiple outlets
Timings: 11 am – 12 pm
Cost for two: Rs 2,500 (approx.)

Seoulmate, a cosy Korean eatery, may be small in size but offers an explosion of bold and enticing flavours in its dishes. A visit here promises an intriguing culinary experience. Renowned for its Korean ramyeon, delectable jeons (savoury pancakes), and diverse menu, this restaurant will have you savouring every bite with gusto. Additionally, Seoulmate's creative fusion dishes add an extra layer of charm, making it an irresistible destination for Korean food enthusiasts.

What to try: Ramyeon, bibimbap, kimchi jeon, dak gang jeong, etc.
Location: Multiple outlets
Timings: 11 am – 2:30 pm and 6 pm – 9:30 pm (Tuesday closed)
Cost for two: Rs 1,100 (approx.)

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