Looking For Sushi In Bengaluru? Here's Where You Can Find Some

From Matsuri to Azuki Cafe, if sushi is your thing, Bengaluru has lots to offer.

Published On Jan 05, 2024 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


Bengaluru loves its Asian food. From some of the most delicious ramens to stir-fried rice etc, there's no dearth of where you can find delicious in the city. 

When it comes to sushi, the story is no different. From simple street-style sushi to complex creations, restaurants in Bengaluru cater to all kinds. Here's where you can find some of the tastiest ones.


Nestled in the heart of the city, Matsuri is a culinary haven that beckons sushi enthusiasts with the promise of a Sakura-inspired symphony. The chefs at Matsuri skillfully craft each roll, transforming the dining experience into a visual and gastronomic masterpiece. From classic Nigiri to avant-garde Maki creations, Matsuri is a harmonious celebration of Japanese culinary finesse.


In the heart of Bangalore, Harima emerges as an epitome of sushi excellence. With a seamless blend of traditional techniques and innovative flavours, Harima invites patrons to savour every bite as a transcendent experience. The ambience whispers refinement, making it an ideal retreat for those seeking a taste of Japan in the Silicon Valley of India.

This restaurant has a wide range of menu items, including some highly regarded options like okonomiyaki, beef teriyaki, miso soup, karaage and the teppanyaki meals. A particular point of praise is the sushi, which includes nigiri options like salmon, raw tuna, tiger prawns, squid, and eggs. In addition, the maki rolls—which also include vegetarian options—are definitely suggested for individuals looking for a unique dining experience.

Step into Misu, a  haven where the boundaries of flavour are pushed beyond the ordinary. Sushi here is not merely a dish but a rice canvas, with each roll crafted to captivate the senses. Among their acclaimed offerings are the Veg Kappa Maki, a sushi creation artfully combining cucumber and cream cheese, and the Asian Chicken Onigirazo, wherein the grilled chicken commands the spotlight, showcasing Misu's commitment to the best.


Eminently renowned as a preeminent locale within the city, Azuki stands out as a bastion of authentic and delectable Japanese cuisine.  Within the confines of its menu, an array of highly recommended dishes awaits the discerning palate, including the exquisite miso ramen, omurice, donburi, chashu, udon, yaki soba, and the tantalising dorayaki matcha pancakes. While the entire ensemble merits consideration, it is the sushi that unequivocally commands the spotlight. Nigiri selections boast an assortment of protein options, encompassing shrimp, salmon, tuna, beef steak, squid, crab, and grouper. Furthermore, rolls featuring avocado, mayo, cucumber, corn, and other delectable plant-based ingredients contribute to the symphony of flavours.

Venture beyond the ordinary at Khmer Kitchen, where the spirit of Southeast Asia converges with the finesse of sushi craftsmanship. The restaurant distinguishes itself as a premier Cambodian dining establishment, dedicated to the rich tapestry of Cambodian flavours. Remarkably, amidst its primary focus on Cambodian culinary excellence, the restaurant also offers an array of meticulously crafted sushi options. Satisfying the discerning palate of vegetarians, the menu boasts a wealth of vegetable-infused sushi delights, ranging from the texturally pleasing Rainbow Roll and the crisply composed Crispy Vegetable Maki to the harmonious fusion of Tuna and Mango Roll.

Luck is on your side at Lucky Chan, a charismatic destination for those in pursuit of sushi bliss. The menu here reads like a love letter to culinary diversity, with each sushi roll telling a story of craftsmanship and dedication. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the bold flavors and artful presentations that define the Lucky Chan experience.

In the heart of Bangalore's culinary scene, Shiro stands as an iconic testament to the city's evolving palate. With a commitment to culinary excellence, Shiro invites patrons on a gastronomic odyssey where sushi takes centre stage. Immerse yourself in the sophisticated ambiance as you embark on a journey through Shiro's meticulously curated sushi offerings.

Concluding our expedition is The Fatty Bao, where sushi is elevated to a playful dance of flavours. The Fatty Bao injects a sense of whimsy into its sushi creations, appealing to those who appreciate the marriage of creativity and taste. Step into a world where innovation meets tradition, and each sushi roll is a celebration of culinary ingenuity.

Photo: pexels