Home-Cooked Flavours: Food Subscriptions To Avail In Mumbai For A Taste Of Soulful Food

Gruelling work hours often leave us with no time to cook, letting snacks take over. If you're in Mumbai, explore these food subscription services for a well-planned, nutritious meal.

Published On Sep 20, 2023 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


Mumbai, the city of dreams, attracts people from all corners of the country in pursuit of better life opportunities. However, the fast-paced lifestyle in Mumbai can often become overwhelming, leaving little time for life outside the bustling cityscape.

Balancing dreams and responsibilities can be demanding, leaving many with insufficient time to prepare a nutritious and delicious home-cooked meal. By the time one returns home, exhaustion or the weight of work and other obligations can make the luxury of a homemade meal seem like an elusive dream. For many, being far from home means missing the cherished flavours and memories associated with family-cooked meals, resulting in a reliance on unhealthy fast food from eateries.

Yet, over the years, a perfect solution to this pressing issue has emerged: food subscription services. These services offer not only home-cooked meals but also options that are far more nutritious and wholesome than the often unhealthy fare found in the market. They have become a true lifesaver for a significant portion of Mumbai's population, providing a taste of home and a healthier alternative to the fast-paced city's food challenges.

Mumbai’s most popular food subscription services

Spice Box is maybe one of the best food subscriptions to get if you are craving that homely food. Delivering the love-filled taste that everyone has grown up cherishing, the food at Spice Box will surely make you fall in love. Offering both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian options, this food service is the way to go if you want home-cooked meals to remind you of your mother’s cooking.

Starting cost: Subscription starts from Rs 1108 (approx.) onwards for a one-time one-week standard meal (Sundays off)
Where to book: Book your meals as per your requirements on their website

Happy Grub aims to deliver healthy, clean food that their in-house nutritionists curate. These experts make meal plans that bring you the best taste without having to compromise on the nutritional value of your food. Offering a mix of meal plans as well as different meal options to accommodate people’s eating preferences, Happy Grub is the perfect choice if you want to have balanced, healthy food as part of your daily meal.

Starting cost: Subscription starts from Rs 950 (approx.) onwards for a one-time one-week eco meal (Sundays off)
Where to book: Book your meals as per your requirements on their website

As apparent from their very name, Food Darzee works to bring people customised meal plans that work to serve their individual dietary needs, as opposed to a general plan for everyone. Tailoring plans to include every health requirement, Food Darzee believes good health starts right from the food choices we make on a daily basis. With different alternative diets such as the Keto diet, a low-carb fibre diet, etc. Food Darzee is one of the best choices if you want to ensure a clean meal plan but do not have the time or resources to make these meals yourself.

Starting cost: Rs 8876 (approx.) onwards for a two-week plan with four meals per day
Where to book: Book your meals as per your requirements on their website

ACTIVeat is another food subscription service that helps people get easy access to the healthiest and cleanest meals regularly. This dedication to taste and health can be ascertained by the service’s meal plans that consider almost every health requirement with the four different kinds of meal plans. They have the low-calorie balanced meal plan, high protein low carb meal plan, keto meal plan and the vegan meal plan. With these meal plans, ACTIVeat seeks to lead by example in providing food options that are both healthy and delicious. 
Starting cost: Rs 1750 (approx.) onwards for a one-meal one-week plan (Sundays off) or Rs 158 (approx.) onwards per meal
Where to book: Order a la carte from online portals such as Swiggy and Zomato or opt for meal plans from their website

Calorie Care is a food subscription service that not only takes people’s general health requirements while offering customised as well as well-planned regular meal plans but also any illnesses, if any, such as Diabetes, PCOS, etc. This makes this service one of the best to ensure you eat food that works in alignment with all your special dietary needs. Their dieticians and nutritionists take great care to create comprehensive meal plans to ensure your well-being, build your immunity and factor in the concerns of any illnesses.

Starting cost: Rs 2100 (approx.) onwards for a two-week one-meal plan that includes ten meals
Where to book: Book your meals as per your requirements on their website

Delivering simple, unpretentious, homely food with their different meal plans, Vital Foods prioritises both the taste and quality of their food. The food service uses seasonal ingredients to whip up some of the most delectable meals that they offer as their meal plans to everyone who loves the nostalgia of a home-cooked meal. Vital Foods also offers some equally amazing international cuisines for all those times when a craving for something different hits. They also factor in any special needs and health requirements, ensuring a tasty as well as healthy meal subscription.

Starting cost: Rs 3250 (approx.) and so on for a month-long meal plan
Where to book: Book your meals as per your requirements on their website

Popularly known as one of the very first online food subscription services in the city, Yummy Tiffinz is fairly old in the game. The food subscription service does everything from set meals, combos, etc. to a customised plan as well. Delivering an explosion of flavour with the help of the ever-popular Mumbai dabbawalas, Yummy Tiffinz is still one of the top favourites for delicious and pocket-friendly meal service in the city of Mumbai.

Starting cost: Rs 489 (approx.) onwards for a three-day one-meal plan (Sunday off)
Where to book: Book your meals as per your requirements on their website 

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